Rockwell Gardens is a brand new residential complex that was developed and completed by Eastlake Management & Development Corp, a Chicago based firm, providing the full range of real estate services, along with Burling builders – well known full service General Contractor established in 1978 and headquartered in Chicago.
Being completed quite recently Rockwell Gardens has already full occupancy of residents. Considering the fact that it’s pretty spread out complex consisting of 15 buildings, it requires an extra effort in complete security for its tenants, multiple lots and overall territory. Especially since there were some occasions of illegal activity registered in the neighborhood previously.


In order to protect its residents, ensure safety of the community, and to have full control of the situation Eastlake Management turned to LaMarco Systems seeking the best security solution available on the market that would fit their needs yet keeping cost effectiveness in mind.
To meet all the set goals, LaMarco designed and implemented 23 camera system made by Axis that is known as the one of the best video surveillance systems for exposed areas and difficult low light environments. It provides superb video quality in Full HD resolution, multiple video streams along with remote focus and zoom. All the video feeds are being transmited through Firetide Wireless mesh network to Ocularis – one of the most innovative and reliable IP video surveillance management systems.


As a result the management company for the Rockwell Gardens has an access at any time to all accurately kept records of all the events happening on the territory of the complex. The system is also integrated with OEMC city wide surveillance system, enabling remote access to the system for local police departments. This ensures total control, safety and security for the community round the clock