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Parents need to know their children will be safe when at school. College faculty, students and staff need to move about on campus securely. Education facilities and security managers must succeed in making their people and property as safe as possible.

Whether the school is public or private, elementary school through college, security is at the forefront of importance. LaMarco Systems can provide an integrated IP-based security solution to any educational institution. We will work with your IT and security teams to develop an integrated system in support of your overall security plan.

Such a solution may include digital video surveillance, permission-based access control, intrusion detection, remote monitoring and emergency response alerts. We can integrate environmental monitoring systems for critical science and engineering labs, museums and libraries. Asset by asset, we help protect your people as well as your property.

Our forward-thinking approach and implementation enables us to offer you a seamless integration of the most innovative education security solutions.

Our systems provide the following benefits to academic institutions:

  • Enhanced communication with police and fire departments
  • Reduce expenditures on security incidents or disturbances
  • Deter vandalism, trespassing and graffiti
  • Nationwide-service available
  • Fully integrated capabilities
  • Customizable entry-level to advanced IP network protection systems