LaMarCo Systems has been expanding their footprint in the Healthcare Industry and we are happy to announce a few new partnerships and products we now offer. We first announced our partnership with Jeron Electronic Systems, providing our clients the Jeron Provider 680 Nurse Call System, as well as Jeron Provider 790 Nurse Call System. Since then, we’ve partnered up with PalatiumCare/PALCARE, Accutech, and Acuity, to offer our clients a list of additional products and services.



Founded in 2003, PalatiumCare is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of independent living, assisted living and memory care environments. Their resident-centric approach is grounded by develop products that promote the safety, security, comfort and dignity of senior residents. PALCARE Wireless Emergency Call System is easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain, and uses Long Life 3V Lithium Battery. Some of the Wireless Devices Include:

Alert with Acknowledge Button

  • An ideal solution for common areas such as lounges, dining rooms, as well as bed sides, and resident rooms. Any areas that do not require a pull cord. The Bold red ALERT button indicates to anyone nearby that the device can be used to call for assistance in an emergency.
  • Emergency call is activated when alert is pressed and can be reset by pressing acknowledge, which clears the call and cancels the alarm.
  • Wireless transmitter communicates with PalatiumCare Server.
  • Surface mounted with easy to relocate back plate and easily wiped clean.

Wireless Pull Cord

  • Magnetic device is perfect for common area bathrooms, resident bath areas, as well as resident rooms and common areas
  • Emergency call is activated when a resident pulls the cord. The device can be easily reset by staff by lifting the emergency switch, which acknowledges the call and cancels the alarm.
  • Wireless Transmitter communicates with PalatiumCare Server
  • Available in surface mount or flush mount.
  • Color: White with Red Emergency Call Switch- Optional clean cord available in Red or White

PalatiumCare AIO

  • The AIO is the all-in-one solution for any community and in any level of care.
  • Check In & Emergency call buttons for residents
  • Rounds, Acknowledge & Assist buttons for staff
  • Audible acknowledge when device is activated, and 2 color LED visual indicator signals for each type of alert.
  • Includes optional Red Clear Cord.
  • RJ45 Connector & optional Momentary Call Cord

Fall Management Solutions

  • Offer 3 pressure sensitive pads that integrate with your wireless Nurse Call System.
  • Chair Pads & Bed Pads- alerts caregivers, nursing staff, when a resident is moving off the pad.
  • Floor Pads- alerts caregiver, nursing staff, as soon as a resident steps on to the mat.

Advanced Locating

  • Adding the innovative PalatiumCare software upgrade, now allows a community to clearly define each living and common space in their facility. 
  • The Basic Locating can tell staff which zone a resident is in when they push their personal pendant.
  • The Advanced Locating allows staff to locate a resident within 20 feet- a more accurate location than even GPS can offer. With a clear read out of the room in which the residents pendant was pressed.
  • Personal Pendants, Mobile Help Buttons, and Call Cords
  • Motion Sensors, Door & Window Transmitters


  • PalatiumCare now offers PAL|LINK, an interface for Spectralink phone users. One device can now act as phone AND nurse call pager.
  • In addition to the benefits obtained from your PalatiumCare Wireless Nurse Call System, PAL|LINK offers:
    •    Increased communication
    •    Reduced wait times
    •    Ability to call 9-1-1 in an emergency
    •    Single device for care givers to carry
    •    Ability to scroll through old messages
    •    Cost-effective single device solution


accutechFounded in 1985, Innovative Control Systems, Inc. (ICS) is a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems. Accutech’s specialized, RFID-enabled systems are trusted by healthcare facilities around the world to ensure the safety of infants, children, and long-term care residents. These Systems track the movement of people to provide immediate notification if an individual leaves a designated area, supporting the overall security of facilities and safety of all individuals. All systems can be interfaced with Nurse Call, Electronic Access Control, CCTV, Fall Detection, and other existing security mechanisms within a facility.

Cuddles Infant Protection
The original nurse- friendly infant protection system.
Protecting newborn patients from the threat of abduction has become a high priority in all well run hospitals and birthing centers. Cuddles aids the general safety and security of infants in obstetric and pediatric departments.
A small, tamper-proof infant protection tag/ Soft Bracelet is placed on the infant immediately after birth. If a situation develops where there is an unauthorized movement of the baby toward a monitored area, sensors will immediately warn hospital staff and automatically lock the door. Cuddles integrates easily with other security and access control systems your facility may already have in place–protecting investments you have already ma

Kidz Pediatric Protection
Protecting every patient- from toddlers to teens.
These are perfect for use in a hospital setting where patients may not have 24-hour constant supervision. Kidz pediatric security system gives parents and other caregivers peace of mind.  Hospitals are easily able to track and monitor patients because our cut band technology can easily be integrated into a hospital’s nurse call system. Kidz cut band is uniquely effective in preventing abductions and elopement due to its tamper-proof qualities: Once affixed to a patient, the cut-resistant band will sound an alarm if damaged or removed.

Wander Management Solutions- Accutech’s Resident Guard wander monitoring system (comparable to WanderGuard®) represents the next generation of resident security. Accutech’s wander protection products use advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to help guard residents of hospitals and senior living facilities against the hazards of wandering off into unsafe areas. Keep your residents safe at a lower cost than other competing products.
–    LC1200- Wander Monitoring System (without ID)
–    LS2400- Wander Management System (with Resident ID)
–    ES2200 & IS 3200 System Product Lines

Secure Tag Activator Deactivator (STAD)
Resident Guard wander management has never been more cost-effective. The STAD feature saves your hospital or senior living facility money by extending tag life through their secure code turn-on and off capability.

Guard Tags & Wrist Bands
Resident Guard tags are securely attached using comfortable and water-resistant wrist bands. They are adjustable to any resident. Wrist, ankle, pendant, and wheelchair.


  • Is a cost-effective electronic access control product to monitor the movement of residents or patients, nursing staff and visitors.
  • In addition to a wander management or infant protection system, multiple hardware and software components can be added to incorporate CCTV, nurse call, and a variety of other security systems into a unified interface that can be configured with different options depending on the size and scope of your facilities’ needs.
  • Base and Enterprise Hardware & Software options available.

Accutech Two-Way Radio & Accessories
Complimenting any existing Accutech Health Care Security Solutions.

Acuity Rapid Response

acuityAcuity Rapid Response Wireless Emergency Call System is UL 2560 & UL 1069-R7 certified for independent, assisted, skilled and acute care facilities. With their vast experience developing innovative life safety solutions, Acuity offers a wide array of long term and acute care applications.
Acuity’s suite of healthcare communication solutions are engineered and manufactured right here in the USA, and carry a two-year equipment warranty.

  • Integrates with the broadest range of wireless devices – tablets, smart phones, pocket pagers, wall displays, radios, and even VoIP devices.
  • The intuitive system is simple for everyone – staff, patients and residents – to use.
  • Staff notification options route calls directly to the appropriate caregiver, speeding critical response times.
  • Room devices can be powered by battery, centralized power supply (eliminates battery) or both.
  • Automatic backups can be enabled through the system’s software.
  • Essential reports and critical data can be automatically emailed to supervisors and staff.
  • Single user interface makes it extremely easy for care providers and staff to use the system’s features.
  • Wide variety of room and duty stations.
  • Pendants, belt clips and other wearable devices.

If you have any questions or wish to acquire more information about these products, please give Katie Challenger, our Director of Healthcare Systems a call. Office: 847-239-7590 Direct: 847-513-6442 Cell: 847-489-8565.