Illinois EPA Regulations require that the Backflow Prevention Assembly located in your building be inspected and certified annually. Our licensed inspectors will inspect your Backflow Prevention Assembly, and provide the proper certificate to governmental agencies and insurance carriers. It pleases our clients that we provide both the Fire Pump test, system inspection and backflow certification.

  • Perform main drain tests, and tag each riser with the static and residual pressure
  • Trip test dry pipe valves, test quick opening devices and drain low points if applicable
  • Inspect, test and record anti-freeze system readings if applicable
  • Time and adjust water flow switches to maintain a designated delay setting
  • Operate control valves and test monitoring devices
  • Inspect fire department connections to ensure they meet with local fire department requirements
  • Churn test fire pumps for proper operation and condition, if applicable
  • Inspect sprinkler heads for proper temperature ratings, damage, corrosion, or obstructions
  • Inspect sprinkler heads for the Central recall program
  • Inspect water supply and gravity tanks if applicable
  • Instruct personnel in system operation and procedures to follow should damage to the system occur
  • Furnish a detailed report on the appropriate forms with recommendations on system function and condition
  • Provide 24/7/365 emergency service


NFPA – National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA-25_Chapters_4 & 5 )

By means of periodic inspections, tests, and maintenance, the equipment shall show to be in good operating condition or any defects or impairments shall be revealed. These tasks shall be performed by personnel who have developed competence through training and experience.

IL EPA – Illinois Environmental Protection Agency ( IL-EPA_Title_35.F.2.H.E.1 )

Each device shall be tested at least annually or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer. Records submitted to the community public water supply shall be available for inspection by Agency personnel in accordance with IL Rev. Stat. 1983, Ch. 111 ½, par. 1004(e).

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