Biometric Security

Most access controls work through a code entered on a keypad or a card scanned by a reader — which doesn’t grant entry for the person, but rather the credential or cardholder. These access tools (keys, codes, fobs, etc.) can be lost, cloned or stolen, and are often expensive to manage and slower to authenticate.

Biometric systems only grant access to the correct personnel by using the person’s face, eyes, or fingerprint as the access metric. LaMarco’s Biometric solutions make use of biometric markers including fingerprint scanning systems, retina scanners, and facial recognition systems in order to enable access and control with convenience and security.
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Features and Capabilities:
Biometrics can be deployed with simple technology that identifies and validates people quickly or developed with advanced AI-driven systems that scan approaching persons with camera-analytic recognition that connect to databases of known visitors. A range of options exists with unique functionality.

Applications for Any Size or Number of Access Points
Remote Security Control
Easy-to-Use Interfaces
Customizable Features that Integrate with Existing Hardware
Easy Plug and Play Connectivity and Maintenance
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