Thank you for choosing LaMarCo Security for your business security and technology needs!

Because our customers are our best referrals, we have developed a referral program to help you spread the word. We understand the importance of having a company you can rely on and would like the opportunity to offer the same level of protection and professional service to your friends and neighbors.

How would you like to make $100 today?  If you are an existing customer and know of someone in the market to try or in need of business security, then refer them to us and you can make $100.  It’s that easy!

Refer a Friend to LaMarCo!

  • Effective Security
  • Peace of Mind
  • Easy Management of Your Network
  • Great Customer Service & Support

Why not let others know how much you love what we do? Connect your friends and colleagues with us through our new referral program.

Why we do it…

FIRST, we are passionate about serving small businesses and commercial organizations that are concerned about security, appreciate responsive and quality support and recognize the value of LaMarCo as a fully integrated network security system.

SECOND, we have learned that the most effective way for us to meet others that might benefit from our passion is to ask our valued customers, friends and partners to connect us with others like themselves.

THIRD, we value introductions to potential customers and partners and, if your friends choose to choose LamarCo business security, we want to show our appreciation to both of you.

Just refer to us your friends, family, or business neighbors.  We will get them protected and give you $100.

I’m sure your thinking that there is always a catch, but it really is that simple.  We will mail you a check for $100 when your referral becomes a new customer.  You can do it quickly and simply by giving us a call.