Access Control

When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitor access is essential to keeping employees safe and property secure. Whether it’s a door, elevator, gate or other barrier, in order to lower the risk of an intruder, access control is needed.

Flexible system architecture allows for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems. 

LaMarco Systems offers the most reliable access control solutions from Schlage, RBH Access Technologies, S2Security, Avigilon, Imron, Brivo, Kaba and Latch. 

  • Accessibility restriction to floors through elevator control
  • Garage door access control using RF-transmitters
  • Surveillance system integration
  • Assets tracked easily
  • Interactive maps
  • Visitor management through an ID badge system
  • Fingerprint and face recognition solutions
  • Employee entry/exit time with clock-in/clock-out management

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