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Area of Rescue

Multi-story buildings must be equipped with emergency intercom systems as well as reliable two-way communication to ensure people with limited mobility or disability are safe in emergency situations. Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect building occupants, LaMarco’s Area of Rescue solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications to ensure peace of mind for those who need it most.

Our Major Area of Rescue Partners Include:

Our Area of Rescue Partners

Features and Capabilities:

LaMarco Systems brings the latest modern cloud technologies to make security easier to use, more accessible and more flexible in order to expand the applications. All-in-one AI Cloud-based IoT and security platforms for Residential, SMB, and Enterprise offer deep monitoring of all connected devices and events, notification of risks and automatic corrective action. Systems work on any device, anywhere, anytime. No software is required and the simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any training.

  • Any Building Type and Size
  • Area of Rescue Emergency Assistance Communication System
  • Easy to access call stations
  • Call communication to Emergency Response Centers
  • Area of Rescue Signage
  • Analog and Digital Emergency Rescue System

Past Projects

The exterior of an apartment building with lawns and trees provides a serene environment for residents.

Multi Family


Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, Lenel/S2 Card-Access, CCTV-IP, 284 units.

The new apartment complex at the corner of the residential street features a modern design and lush landscaping.

Multi Family


Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, CCTV-IP, Lenel/S2 Card Access, 231 units.

Brick building with numerous windows, reflecting sunlight on a clear day.

Multi Family

Mount Prospect

Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, Lenel/S2 Card Access, CCTV-IP, 192 Units and Retail Spaces.