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Cannabis Industry Integrated Security Solutions


  • Comply with Government Legislation
  • Pass Monthly Inspections
  • Protect People and Assets
  • Maintain Operations
  • Manage Safe Environments
  • CAD drawings in accordance with IL state laws

High Stakes Security

Never Fail Your Security Inspection

Cannabis industry operators know, it is hard enough to protect their all-cash operation while also preventing product loss and safety. But today’s growing compliance makes the task of security even more daunting.

State legislators require: 

  • 24-hour recordings;
  • Continuous system monitoring;
  • Clear still photos;
  • Secure door entry systems and electronic locks;
  • Duress buttons;
  • Alarm systems and alerts that provide audible, text and visual notification;
  • Secure web- based access to security;
  • Maintained restricted areas;
  • Regular maintenance and inspection logs;
  • Security plans and efforts to prohibit keys from being left in locks;

And the list goes on to comply with current Illinois rules (see 410 ILCS 705 — Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act Sec. 15-100. Security).

“Security is no longer a worry for us!
 The team at LaMarco Systems are true security experts that know what they’re doing in our industry. For GreenGate — or any dispensing organization facing today’s risk and regulatory challenges — it’s a major piece of the puzzle. LaMarco takes that piece and handles it for us.”

Don’t face the challenge alone. LaMarco Systems’ experts design, install, maintain and repair code compliant solutions for the cannabis industry — including the latest cloud-based, AI- and biometric-assisted, and mobile-enabled systems.

Features & FAQs

Video surveillance allows an eye to be kept on the comings and goings of any location in or near your facility. LaMarco’s CCTV-IP solutions ensure clear, high-resolution images with incredible zoom capabilities and full 360-degree panoramic views with easy-to-use software, analytics integration and remote viewing from any device.

Access Control systems not only determine who can enter or exit physical spaces, but also monitor and manage where and when they have access to specific rooms or entry points within the facility. Whether it’s a keypad, card access, or other barriers, LaMarco’s Access Control solutions provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions for a range of applications necessary for the cannabis industry.

Knowing who is approaching your door may be the best line of defense when it comes to protecting your business and compliance. LaMarco’s Door Entry & Intercom solutions are ideal for the cannabis Industry — from locks that support keyless, mobile-based door entry to doorbells equipped with intercom capabilities and larger IP-based video door entry systems.

Mass notification capabilities are needed to ensure safety and enable communications with those that may be impacted by an emergency. LaMarco’s Notification solutions enable security and administration personnel to trigger alerts that send preset or custom messages to targeted groups, activate calls, panic alarms and texts to those in the affected population, as well as local law enforcement – in real time. LaMarco also offers alarm system monitoring over AES and GSM networks.


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