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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security, each unique space requires an individualized approach. LaMarco offers customized security solutions that are tailored to each specific space in order to protect both the physical space and the personnel within it.

Recently, the task of identifying and implementing a security system has become highly complex for decision-makers involved in developing, remodeling, or updating building infrastructure.

For instance, stakeholders may be wondering how many emergency call stations does my building need? What visitor management applications are best? Where should I place security cameras? How can I ensure systems are integrated and accessible on mobile platforms?

LaMarco Systems aids architects, developers, and builders vet, design, and implement seamless life safety systems to ensure secure and manageable environments.

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LaMarco Systems provides dedicated security system consulting, design, engineering and integration — specializing in high-quality service.

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Past Projects

The exterior of an apartment building with lawns and trees provides a serene environment for residents.

Multi Family


Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, Lenel/S2 Card-Access, CCTV-IP, 284 units.

The new apartment complex at the corner of the residential street features a modern design and lush landscaping.

Multi Family


Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, CCTV-IP, Lenel/S2 Card Access, 231 units.

Brick building with numerous windows, reflecting sunlight on a clear day.

Multi Family

Mount Prospect

Multi-Family, Allegion Wireless Locks, VTS/Rise Intercom, Lenel/S2 Card Access, CCTV-IP, 192 Units and Retail Spaces.