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About LaMarco

LaMarco Systems is a leading Life Safety and Integrated Security Solutions provider. With over 25 years of expertise in access control, burglar and fire alarm systems, and video surveillance, LaMarco serves as the trusted implementation partner to the world’s leading technology companies. LaMarco delivers comprehensive, all-in-one, customized solutions for multi-family residential developments, businesses, and commercial infrastructure.

Your Security Is Our Priority

There is no one size fits all approach to security. Unique spaces require individualized plans and customized solutions that align with the communities they serve.

At LaMarco, we pride ourselves on not only delivering custom solutions that fit each client’s specific needs, but also continuously evolving to stay up to date with the latest innovations, and aiding clients in navigating these complexities. We are dedicated to helping clients understand which security solutions best suit their needs, and educating our clients on how to properly optimize usage of their systems.

Since 1998, we have provided dedicated security systems consulting, design, installation, and service in order to maintain various integrated solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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our mission

LaMarco Systems is dedicated to excellence in providing safety through delivering the best quality products, proactive security solutions, and outstanding customer service.

our Expertise

LaMarco Systems delivers deep sector knowledge and a breadth of industry security expertise in order to enable the protection of infrastructure, associated personnel, and valuable company information.

Comprised of a dynamic group of licensed, experienced security experts, we have the knowledge and focus to provide clients with innovative solutions. Our security specialists and technicians are certified to provide custom solutions to even the most complex security requirements found in schools, high-rises, retail stores, homes, industrial warehouses, and more.

LaMarco Systems offers the highest quality service and technology that is in line with the latest standards of safety and security.

Whether you are protecting a private business, an apartment complex, or an educational institution, put your trust in LaMarco Systems for your security needs and let us serve you with the best.

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meet our Team

CEO of Lamarco System Marat Sedenkov
Director of Sales of Lamarco System Kevin Velene
Director of Sales
Project Manager of Lamarco System Solomon Manager
Project Manager
Financial Manager of Lamarco System
Financial Manager
Technician of Lamarco System Rick Levy
Service Operations Manager of Lamarco System Vitaliy Kofman
Service Operations Manager