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10 Tips to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Tis the season for securing your home and protecting your belongings! According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. during November and December each year. Here’s how you can protect your home over the Holidays:

  1. Close your shades and curtains to prevent outsiders from peering inside.
  2. Turn off Holiday lights inside and outside of your home to avoid attention and prevent potential fires. Take advantage of automatic timers.
  3. Don’t open the door to strangers! Make sure to confirm any delivery times and dates with the company.
  4. After a day of Holiday shopping, unload your bags and gifts inside your garage.
  5. Once you open your gifts, keep large boxes for 90 days. Not only will you be able to return gifts within the original box, but burglars won’t know what you’ve received either!
  6. Don’t run extension cords for your Holiday lights through a window or inside your home.
  7. If you’re out of town, have a trustworthy neighbor or friend pick up your mail and packages.
  8. Don’t broadcast your Holiday travel on social media sites. Post your pictures when you return!
  9. Similar to social sites, don’t leave a message on your answering machine saying that you are out of town on Holiday.
  10. Finally, invest in a good security system! Homes with security systems are 15 times less likely to be burglarized.

Even though the Holidays are meant to be fun and festive, it’s also a time when thieves and burglars are on the prowl. Be safe and follow the above instructions to protect your home and your family!


By: Marat Sedenkov

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