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Digital technology was expensive long time ago, but like any technology, the more it is used, the cheaper the hardware becomes to manufacture and the overall cost of digital technology decreases. For large distributed systems the use of network cameras is a lot more cost effective: Installation cost is driven down – CAT5 vs. Coax The cost savings in having one network for all voice, data and video applications Recovery cost when video server goes down is no longer an issue, because each camera is a stand-alone device and can still be accessed.

The network/IP camera is basically a standard analog camera that has embedded OS, or Web Server (read above). The resolution (i.e. quality) of a digital video image will depend on the available bandwidth. Digital video can provide an image of near-analog quality, but a practical assessment of the application’s bandwidth requirement may determine the quality of image that is possible. The available bandwidth must be carefully assessed and balanced against the acceptable quality of the final video image.

An IP Camera is a true networking device containing an embedded OS (Operating System) and sometimes a Web Server, supports multiple users, and can be viewed using any web browser. It does not require additional hardware to operate and therefore has the flexibility to be located anywhere with a network connection.
Call Emergency 24 central station at 773-777-0707 (get your account number and password ready) and take the system of service (put into a test mode). Contact your sprinkler contractor as soon as possible and get the problem fixed. After the problem is fixed call the central station to put the system back into the service.
Call Emergency 24 central station (or your local fire department depending on who is providing monitoring for the system) at 773-777-0707 and provide your account(s) number and password(s).
If there is any trouble signal on the panel’s display contact Lamarco Systems immediately!
You might need an alarm panel DSL filter installed. This filter differs from regular DSL phone filters and is specifically developed for security and fire alarm panels. Please contact us or use web form to request the installation.
The security code can be changed using the keypad. Please refer to the owner’s manual. The code can be changed by Lamarco Systems remotely upon your request (fees and restrictions may apply). To place a service request please contact us or use service request web form.
Your account requires activation. To activate please follow the link you have received into your email box. If you experience any kind of problems or need further assistance please contact us.