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Keep Your Business Secure With This Safety Hack

Fire and safety alarms are in place to help keep your business, employees and customers safe in case of an emergency. Here’s the catch… they are only effective if they are working properly. Sure, the systems may look like they are working, but you will never really know for sure unless it is inspected by a trained technician on a regular basis.

If your system is relatively new (about 5 years or less) then chances are everything should be working properly. However, it does not hurt to still have it inspected and tested annually to prevent any issues from arising down the road. Systems between five and ten years old may experience component breakdown caused by harsh, but normal, environmental factors. Voltage fluctuations, temperature, and humidity may cause system failure or nuisance alarm problems. Systems close to 20 years old may need to be replaced soon, as that is about the average life expectancy.

Keep Your Business Secure With This Safety Hack

When it comes down to having these alarms tested, it is important that your business hires a professional. This is the only way to know that you will know your alarm is being properly taken care of and maintained. Testing also guarantees that if there is something wrong, the technician will make the necessary repairs required to keep the system functioning at optimal level.

Not only does having your safety alarm systems inspected ensure they are operating properly, it also ensures that they are in compliance with all necessary codes. It’s the law that all fire alarms receive regular inspections (this is also required by most insurance companies). When your alarm systems are working properly, the likelihood of a false alarm is slim, and it will save you from having to pay a hefty fine for wasting fire and police resources.

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