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Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.

designing and manufacturing internal communications and alerting systems

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures internal communications and alerting systems for healthcare and commercial buildings in the USA. Their systems provide flexible solutions, value, and reliability for routine and emergency situations.

Emergency Notification

The system establishes clear, emergency communications between occupants and first responders
– Mid-to high rise commercial and residential building, parking garages, hotels are just a few examples of facilities that need this two-way communications
– Provides a safe space for those cannot evacuate the building

Leading Technology

Choice of Stations that show multiple calls and each call’s location
– Every component is supervised to ensure availability
– Minimal wiring using standardized CAT cabling or CI cable

Jeron Product Highlight:

Pro-Alert™ 480

Pro-Alert™ 480 is an emergency, UL2525 Listed, two-way call system designed specifically to meet the Area of Rescue Assistance communication requirements as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. During an emergency, building occupants use the Pro-Alert 480 to call for assistance from a designated Area of Refuge in high-rise buildings and commercial facilities.

All Jeron systems, including the Pro-Alert 480 system, comply with Underwriter’s Laboratories life safety standards. The Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System has reached UL2525 compliancy and is also compliant with NFPA 72, NFPA 101, ADA, and IBC Standards.

Pro-Alert™ 450

Pro-Alert 450 is an emergency alerting system for facilities requiring up to ten remote call areas.

During an emergency, building occupants use the Pro-Alert 450 to call for assistance to first responders from a designated Area of Refuge within the facility.