How It Works

Financing options

  1. 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-Month Term

    Choose the lease term that best fits your financial plan. LCA collects the first and last payments, then at the end
    of the lease term, you can choose a Purchase Option that works best for you.

  2. 12 + 1 = Easy Program

    Finance your solution with 13 payments over a 12-month period. LCA collects the first payment with 12 monthly
    payments remaining.

  3. 12-Month Easy Financing

    Finance your equipment with a 5%, 6% or 7% Participation Fee (depending on equipment cost). Two payments are
    due at lease signing with 10 payments remaining.*†

    Monthly Payment Example

    Equipment cost $25,000.00
    Participation fee 6%
    Term 12 Months
    Total equipment cost $26,500.00
    ($25,000 X 1.06 – on 6% participation fee)
    Monthly payment $2,208.34
    ($26,500.00 ÷ 12 months)
    Advance payment $4,541.68
    (First and last month payments + $125 documentation fee)
    Payments remaining 10 Payments
  4. 30-, 60- or 90-Day Deferred

    Choose from 30, 60 or 90 days to defer your first payment. Zero payments are due in advance. Payments
    begin 30, 60 or 90 days after installation. *†

  5. Flexible Step Payments

    This flexible lease lets you pay $99 per month for the first six months of the lease with only one lease payment due
    in advance. After the six-month period, your payment will increase to a standard, fixed payment for the rest of the term.*

  6. Seasonal Payments

    This program is tailored toward customers who have interrupted cash flows due to the seasonal nature of their business. Under this program, higher lease payments are made only during the months the business operates and/or generates cash flow. Contact payments as low as $75 are required during the “off season” months. *

  7. Choosing A Purchase Option

    You should educate and familiarize yourself on LCA’s standard purchase options. If you require a specialized
    lease, feel free to contact LCA.

    $1.00 Buyout: This option allows you, the customer, to purchase the equipment for $1 at lease termination.
    In some states, the $1 buyout is not available.

    Fair Market Value (FMV) or 10% Buyout: These options are targeted toward customers concerned with equipment obsolescence. At lease end, you can return the equipment to LCA, upgrade to a new lease or buy the equipment at the then FMV price or at 10% of the original equipment cost.

    An FMV lease has possible tax advantages, under IRS Section 179, as your monthly payments may be recognized as an operating expense for tax purposes, thereby reducing your tax liability. LCA is not an authorized tax advisor. Please consult your tax advisor to confirm if you qualify for this tax benefit.

    * $1 buyout at lease end
    † 24+ months time in business required to qualify

Leasing has many advantages versus a cash sale or a bank loan

Cash Sale LCA Lease Bank Loan
Customer must pay the full cost
of the equipment at time of sale.
Customer has many options
to pay as little as no money
down, or only $99 for 6 months
to lease the equipment.
Banks usually require the customer
to pay a down payment between
5-25% of the equipment cost.
Flexibility of
Doesn’t allow your customer to
add more equipment/services
based on the large up-front cost.
LCA offers flexible financing
options (12 month Easy
Financing, $99 per month
for the first six months). Your
customer’s monthly payment
remains fixed through a lease.
Monthly loan payment can be
variable – it may increase or decrease
periodically. Loan payments are due
immediately – no deferred options.
Effect on
Consumes most of the customer’s
budget up-front as a cash sale
depletes their bank account
of income-earning funds.
Customer’s bank line of credit is
not affected and lease company
can be utilized as a second source.
Bank lines of credit/loans may
be tied up and unavailable for
future loans/leases. Bank also
could place an all asset lien.
Decrease in cash flow immediately. Leased equipment is
considered an
‘expense’ on operating leases.
Such assets do not appear
on balance sheets which
improves financial ratios.
Banks require owned equipment to
appear as an asset on budget sheets
which will affect your line of credit.
Not applicable in a cash sale. LCA’s turnaround time for a
credit decision is under 2 hours.
A bank usually cannot offer
turnaround time in hours as
most banks take days or even
weeks to approve a loan.
Upgrade or
Large, up-front purchase reduces
the possibility of a customer
spending more on a future sale.
By offering a monthly payment,
your customer can afford more
equipment without the large upfront
budget cost. LCA can also
process the application quickly
since he/she is a repeat lessee.
Customer must re-apply for a
new loan to add new equipment.
Most banks also will not allow the
customer to roll in services (i.e.
maintenance, air time, monitoring)
into their loan (leases do allow it)

Why should I lease equipment rather than purchasing the equipment outright?

  1. Improve Cash Flow/More Equipment

    Leasing offers the flexibility of handling possible budget constraints through its monthly payments. Instead of
    allocating a large portion of your budget upfront, your company can lease the equipment to fulfill your needs
    while earmarking the rest of your budget toward other income-producing areas.

    Through leasing, you also have more flexibility to acquire more equipment. For example, instead of allotting your entire budget and purchasing one piece of equipment, leasing allows you the opportunity to purchase more equipment that better services your current needs without the large initial capital outlay.

  2. Reduce Technological Obsolescence

    When you purchase equipment, you commit to that equipment for an unlimited amount of time. In today’s fast-paced environment, equipment obsolescence occurs at a rate which purchasing does not allow you to maintain. Leasing is based on utilizing the equipment for a set rate of time and you do not have a commitment to purchase it at the end of the lease. When your lease terminates, you can upgrade to new equipment and not worry about ‘being stuck’ with outdated models.

  3. Keep Your Credit Lines Open

    Leasing provides additional working capital without affecting your established lines of credit. With 100% financing and adjustable terms designed to fit your budget, leasing can improve your balance sheet by reducing longterm

  4. Fixed Rate Financing

    Monthly lease payments are fixed throughout the term of the lease based on the rate factor provided by your LCA Account Executive. This rate factor is multiplied by the total cost of the equipment to determine your monthly payment.

    Once your lease transaction has funded through LCA, your payment will not change – which gives you a predictable monthly payment!

  5. Maintenance & Warranties

    Even though you are leasing your equipment (not owning), all manufacturer warranties are passed on to you. Repairs
    and service are handled in the same manner as if you purchased the equipment outright.

  6. Flexible Leasing Options

    Your LCA Account Executive can work with you to design a lease payment schedule conducive to your business requirements.

    Our standard purchase options can adjust your monthly lease payment amount and offer a variety of end of lease options including purchasing the equipment. Other lease options include zero down, deferred payments, step or skip payments, seasonal or even 90 days same as cash.

  7. Finance Entire Amount Of Sale

    Through leasing, you can finance the entire amount of the sale into your monthly payment including equipment, installation, accessories, airtime and other applicable costs. Purchasing the equipment does not allow you to combine such services into one monthly payment.

Announcing a NEW, EASY lease program for for Security Equipment

Benefits of our 12 + 1 lease program

  • Get the security solution you need NOW – pay for it with 13 payments over a 12-month period
  • Divide the equipment cost by 12 months to calculate the monthly payment – one advanced payment with 12 remaining payments
  • Let the ROI (return on investment) of the equipment help pay for itself through its use
  • Conserve your working capital
  • Simple application/approval process
  • Finance installation and training costs in one lease
  • Potential tax savings under IRS Section 179
  • $1 purchase option allows you to own the equipment at lease end
Example cost of equipment $10,000.00
12 monthly payments: $833.33 (+ tax)
+ 1, Advance payment required .$833.33 + $125.00 (+ tax)
(One month + $125 Documentation Fee)
Payments remaining on lease 12 payments
Purchase options $1 buyout at end of term

Financing is provided by Lease Corporation of America

  • $1.00 Buyout at lease end
  • First monthly payment and documentation fee of $125 are due in advance
  • Minimum Equipment Price: $2,000
  • Excludes sales tax and shipping
  • Minimum 2 years Time in Business required
  • Subject to LCA Credit Approval
  • Call LCA for more information