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LaMarco Systems is one stop solutions provider for commercial and residential life safety systems. You’ve worked hard to build your business; don’t let anything jeopardize your success. According to statistics, businesses without Business Security Systems are more than four times as likely to be broken into than those that do. Whether you are in a small retail store, a large industrial building, or operate your business in multiple locations, LaMarco Systems can create a business security system that fits your needs considering your day-to-day operations, specific objectives, outside regulations or requirements, and your budget.

Latest Articles:

Quext IoT Partners with LaMarco Systems for Midwest Smart Apartment Expansion

Quext and LaMarco Systems announce a strategic partnership to offer Quext IoT’s smart apartment technology and managed WiFi solutions to multifamily properties across the Midwest. This collaboration provides a streamlined, WiFi-independent system for managing smart-home devices, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving resident experience. QUEXT IOT COLLABORATES WITH LAMARCO SYSTEMS TO... Continue Reading

Multi Family

How IoT Technology is Revolutionizing Multifamily Buildings

Investing in IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for multifamily buildings is becoming increasinglypopular, and for good reasons. This technology offers a range of benefits that enhance both theefficiency of building management and the comfort of residents. One of the key advantages of IoT in multifamily buildings is the improvement in... Continue Reading

Multi Family

New Service Rates for 2024

Effective 01/01/2024 Lamarco Systems Inc. Service Rates: Residential: $295 minimum Commercial: $345 minimum Corporate: $439 minimum Emergency: $579 minimum

... Continue Reading


Preparing for Fire Season: The Crucial Role of Fire Alarms and Life Safety Systems by LaMarco Systems

As the scorching heat of summer approaches, so does the looming threat of fire season. Every year, countless businesses and homes fall victim to devastating fires, causing immeasurable damages and loss. As we enter another fire season, it’s essential to make fire safety measures to protect lives, property, and investments... Continue Reading

Fire Alarm and Safety Controls

Enhance Your Businesses’ Safety with LaMarco Systems during National Safety Month

June is an important month for businesses across the country as the National Safety Council (NSC) marks National Safety Month. The annual observance of National Safety Month reminds businesses of all kinds to prioritize safety measures for the well-being of employees, customers, and company assets. In an increasingly uncertain world,... Continue Reading

Industry News

The Importance of Regular System Maintenance

In today’s fast-paced world, security has become a major concern for businesses of all sizes. With increasing crime rates and the constant threat of theft, companies cannot afford to neglect their security systems. Having a robust security system is not enough, though; regular maintenance and upgrades are critical to ensure... Continue Reading

Industry News

A Year in Review: School Safety Lessons From 2022

There have been shootings at U.S. schools almost every year since 1966, but in 2021 there were a record 250 shooting incidents – including any occurrence of a firearm being discharged, be it related to suicides, accidental shootings, gang-related violence, or happenings at after-hours school events. Since 2010, the number... Continue Reading

Featured Articles

Project Feature – Lincoln @ CityGate Centre

Located in Naperville, Illinois, CityGate Centre is home to fine restaurants and inviting bars, a four-diamond modern luxury hotel & spa, 285 luxury apartment residences, and even Class-A office space. It’s home to hundreds and a workplace for many more. But such a bustling community brings big security and safety... Continue Reading

Featured Articles

Giving The Gift of Peace of Mind

Faith-based communities are often the unfortunate victims of theft and vandalism, as well as a growing threat of violence or acts of terror. This is why it’s becoming more and more important to make sure that your house of worship is protected with proper, thorough security elements to make sure... Continue Reading

Featured Articles

LaMarco Systems Project Feature: JADE at North Hyde Park – An All-in-one Security Solution for Multi-Family Real Estate

Property managers are not only tasked with the day-to-day operations of the real estate they manage but are also challenged with securing it 24/7. At the same time, residents consistently rank security among the most important building features and are willing to pay more for it. LaMarco Systems is a... Continue Reading