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BOSCH B942 Color Graphic Touchscreen Keypad for Intrusion Alarm

Latest Technology paired with Elegant Design

Available through Certified Bosch Security Dealer LaMarco Systems

Meet ​the new BOSCH B942 keypad with illuminated touch screen and graphical user interface. It features​ an elegant design and low profile to fit any modern decor. For commercial use​, the keypad can be installed near building entrances and areas with unrestricted access.  Mounting a keypad near exterior doors in building entrances or business lobbies allows people to identify the type and location of the emergency. It is easy to install and program multiple keypads in a large building with many separate areas of security.

B942 Keypad features include:

  • Color graphic touch screen display with a combination of simple icons​: words, numbers, and symbols for easy operation.
  • Graphical icons make it easy to access menus and other options and also offer variety of keyboards for entering alphanumeric characters.
  • Presence detector senses when a user approaches and automatically lights up
    activat​ing the display.
  • Proximity reader allows ​the use of a token or card as ​a replacement for a passcode, or for use with dual authentication for high security areas​.
  • The keypad’s built-in speaker sounds several distinct audible tones to alert personnel to fire events and assist fire fighters in locating the keypad.
  • The tones are differentiated so that the user can recognize an event simply by hearing its associated tone. Users can use a passcode or credential to silence the tone.
  • Status indicators on the keypad provide a quick visual reference for system status including:
    • system is ready
    • system is on (armed)
    • there is a trouble condition
    • dangerous gases are present including carbon monoxide (NFPA 720)
    • system has power. When several events occur, the keypad shows each event in order of priority

    Each keypad can be customized with different adjustable volume and brightness and can be set ​to operate in one of the twelve available languages.

LaMarco Systems has been a top​-tier certified security Bosch dealer for more than 15 years.

If you are looking for a Bosch solution (large or small)​, LaMarco Systems is the integrator for you. Our security team is equipped with the knowledge and technical skills to maintain and install Bosch home security systems throughout the region.