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Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras

What are the differences, similarities, pros, and cons of wireless security cameras vs traditional wired security cameras? Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks. But what is the main difference between the two? As is to be expected, wired cameras are cameras that are connected to the internet and power source via cable and are […]

Smart Technology Security Elements for Your Building

The last decade has seen a revolution when it comes to technology and security. The development and integration of smart technology into common security has been something of a revelation for a lot of businesses. Companies can now incorporate cutting-edge systems like increased remote access, artificial intelligence, and wireless video into their everyday security practices. […]

Top 5 Technologies That Help Businesses Future-Proof Their Security

As our world becomes more technology-driven by the day, it is only natural to consider the different ways you can optimize your security measures. There are several viable options, from door access control to remote working models. Technology aside, many companies must adjust to the new demand and wave of working from home. For instance, […]

Cloud Security and Updating Cloud Systems

Cloud Security and Updating Cloud Systems  Cloud services are an essential part of modern day business. From storing files and data, to containing security information, making sure that your cloud security is up-to-date and operating perfectly is paramount. Incorporating cloud technology into your existing security systems can also greatly benefit your business. From connecting up […]

Innovation in Access Control For Multi-Unit Condo & Apartment Buildings

Because everyone should feel safe at home You need full visibility into building activity for total assurance that your property and your occupants are protected at all times. The residential security solutions from LaMarco Systems – appropriate for mid-rise, high-rise, multi-unit and luxury apartment buildings – protect occupants by managing access and provides a robust […]

BOSCH B942 Color Graphic Touchscreen Keypad for Intrusion Alarm

Latest Technology paired with Elegant Design Available through Certified Bosch Security Dealer LaMarco Systems Meet ​the new BOSCH B942 keypad with illuminated touch screen and graphical user interface. It features​ an elegant design and low profile to fit any modern decor. For commercial use​, the keypad can be installed near building entrances and areas with […]

LaMarco Service Request Mobile App

Introducing our exclusive Support Request mobile app! Now you can submit your request anytime, anywhere. Login to check your requests, status update, manage your properties and locations. Send us a request to setup your account, install your app and start using Support Request System in no time! To request login please click here Download App: […]

LaMarco Heads to the Sammy’s!

LaMarCo Systems is heading to Vegas! No, this is not a vacation, rather, we are heading to the Sammy Awards. This is the security industry’s award ceremony, short for Sales and Marketing awards, or the SaM, and the award trophies themselves are known as Sammy’s. The prestigious awards have a great effect on companies as […]

B Series Intrusion Control Panels

B:more:secure These flexible systems fit a range of facility configurations—from retail stores and banks to schools, office buildings and more. Each B Series control panel works around the clock checking for open windows and doors, activating lights and performing other services to keep your facility secure. It provides safeguards against burglars, vandalism, and more. B:more:secure […]