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City of Chicago One Way Communication System

If you were unaware, the deadline of January 1, 2015 for installation of a City of Chicago One Way Communication System in High-rise buildings is drawing near. Despite the rumors, there is currently no indication that the City of Chicago will delay the January 1,2015 deadline for installation of required voice communication systems. So it would behoove all owners and managers to start the installation process. Here are the typical steps involved in this process, Contract LAMARCO SYSTEMS design professionals, we have the knowledge of the CBC requirements, and will create design drawings and installation specifications.

LAMARCO SYSTEMS will prepare a set of construction drawings that will be submitted to the Department of Buildings (DaB) for review and issuance of the construction permits. After the permit is obtained LAMARCO SYSTEMS commences with system installation process, approximately 36 weeks are needed to complete the average project. The designated time for each phase is an estimate based upon typical projects and can change for various reasons. Below are a few of the most common reasons the schedule could be extended.

1. Condominium Association Board members have to approve the funding necessary for the installation. Typically boards meet once a month and if a board member is not present or has a question, the process could be extended into a second or third month, adding another 4-8 weeks to the Schedule.

2. The contract period. This is the time designated for the Owner’s attorneys to finalize the contract. Depending upon the complexity of the contract, this could take 3-6 weeks.

3. The installation phase is estimated at 16 weeks; however, larger buildings may take significantly longer.

4. Design process is dependent on factors such as if there are engineered drawings for the building or if our CAD department need to re-draw the building from scratch, this process can take up to 4 weeks.

When the installation is completed, acceptance testing is conducted with the owner’s representative, LAMARCO SYSTEMS, and the Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB). After all the testing is completed, the system can be put into service. There are approximately 1,700 high-rise buildings within the City of Chicago with approximately 1,100 of those being residential high-rises. As the dead line draws near, condominium associations and apartment building owners will be in a hurry to install the required system and contractors will be able to demand top dollar for the work, which means added cost to the owners. So there is no better time than the present to complete the required work.