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The Intricacies of Intrusion Detection

Alarm systems are beneficial because they help detect the presence of intruders on the premises. Every alarm system is built around the same concept. When an invader attempts to enter the premises, they disturb a circuit in the system causing the alarm to go off. Despite this simplistic concept, all intrusion detection systems are different. […]

A Guide to Smoke Alarms and BDA Systems

Smoke alarms are one of the most common and necessary security and safety features in any building. Knowing that you have a functioning, robust smoke alarm and fire detection system can be a huge relief and make your building’s occupants feel safe. And knowing the proper placement, assessments, and supplements (BDA’s) to your fire alarm […]

Why Fire Alarm System Inspection and Testing is Important

Your fire alarm system is actually a life safety system which also provides property protection, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In order for the system to operate and communicate alarms properly, it needs to be tested and maintained regularly. Some system impairments can go unnoticed, causing system component damage or rendering it […]

City of Chicago One Way Communication System

If you were unaware, the deadline of January 1, 2015 for installation of a City of Chicago One Way Communication System in High-rise buildings is drawing near. Despite the rumors, there is currently no indication that the City of Chicago will delay the January 1,2015 deadline for installation of required voice communication systems. So it […]

VoIP Problems

VoIP is a new phone service option that allows phone calls to be made over an internet connection. VoIP offers unlimited calling at an attractively low rate, however, at this time VoIP is not fully regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. So, now there are no standards to provide uniformity and the process of transmitting voice has created an unreliable means of communication between security systems and monitoring centers. VoIP suppliers actually encourage customers to keep one POTS line available for emergencies.

Are IP Cameras Right for You?

You don’t have to look very hard to find companies claiming that IP based video security systems are the best and only way to go. Clearly there are tremendous benefits of owning an IP system, while traditional analog systems are still sufficient for many. Bottom line – you should make this decision based on your […]

10 reasons you should consider using IP Technology

While IP cameras and recorders offer some of the latest and greatest in security technology, IP video has yet to be widely adopted. Why? The two most common reasons we hear from our customers are that it is either too expensive, or that it’s just too hard to use. We will argue that neither is […]

EST3X Life Safety Control System is now ready to order

s here. It’s incredibly versatile. It changes everything. EST3X represents the latest generation of life safety control panels for mid to large sized applications. With large multi-message displays and innovative controls, intuitive interfaces, and bold colored cabinets — these systems capture the imagination, and catch the eye. But behind the LCD display is where they […]

Bosch Introduces High Definition FlexiDome and Dinion Series Day/Night IP Cameras

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. today expanded its popular FlexiDome and Dinion line of fixed cameras with six high definition (HD) day/night models. With 720p resolution, excellent image quality and accurate color reproduction, the new cameras provide the detail needed to distinguish fine features important for object recognition. – Fairport, NY FlexiDomeHD and DinionHD Day/Night cameras […]