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Innovation in Access Control For Multi-Unit Condo & Apartment Buildings

Because everyone should feel safe at home

You need full visibility into building activity for total assurance that your property and your occupants are protected at all times.

The residential security solutions from LaMarco Systems – appropriate for mid-rise,
high-rise, multi-unit and luxury apartment buildings – protect occupants by managing access and provides a robust occupant experience and property operations platform that consolidates multiple software and hardware solutions into one, fully integrated platform.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Residential Security

Intercom systems and visitor management are mutually exclusive when it comes to residential security. Every apartment and high traffic area is equipped with the industry’s best intercom systems and security technologies to enhance site-wide communications and streamline building management.

In the case of managed services, you no longer have to pay a night doorman to control building access. Access control systems, combined with intercoms, may be used to communicate, confirm access, open doors remotely and view a visitor’s behavior as he makes his way through the building.

Featured Residential Security System Integrations

Remote Visitor Management: Our integrated approach to remote visitor management combines intercom, digital video servers and access control to monitor and regulate the flow of non-residents into your building.

Remote Package Management: Management: Buildings will be outfitted with package rooms. All deliveries are managed by a fully functional and secure self-serve package room
that can automate the package management workflow.

Seamless access with tech-forward control allows you to offer the most efficient and
secure visitor experience. LaMarco Systems has partnered with Rise Buildings
platform to bring an end-to-end tenant engagement and property operations platform
inclusive of visitor management integrated with video intercom, mobile credential
access, and much more.

Modern Access Control: Create a completely modern experience to building access with our fully integrated, end-to-end solution.

From mobile digital credentials to proximity-based access, secure elevator permissions, and more, our modern access control solution creates a frictionless tech-forward experience.

Mobile Credentials: Grant access to your property with Rise Buildings mobile credentials. With swipe-to-unlock, QR code scanning, and more, occupants will always have access to the property without the hassle of keys or fobs.







Promote building safety and protect tenants by installing a security system based on your building architecture and unique security needs. Partner with LaMarco Systems to protect your assets and advance your reputation.

Please call us, e-mail us or better yet, stop by for a live demonstration of the many security systems we offer. You can feel safe while visiting our office which we’ve protected with the best-in-class technology.