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Dear Friends and Customers, During the past months COVID-19 drastically changed how we conduct business and secure property and facilities in many ways.

We may not always wear a mask, but COVID-19 taught us to avoid touching common surfaces that we would not have questioned in the past. Wide variety of Touchless Access Control Technologies is available to help employees, customers, visitors and tenants feel safe with virtual credentials, mobile devices, and mechanized openings.

We at LaMarco Systems we are facing the same challenges as your businesses and properties do. We took our best suppliers to the task to ensure safety of our employees and visitors. I would like to share with you the latest in Touchless Access Control that we have recently installed at LaMarco to mitigate the threat of the corona virus. We feel confident when offering these solutions to you.


  • Simplify migration from less secure credential technology to more secure technology including smart cards and mobile credentials.
  • Provide a bridge from older plastic badges to cardless mobile access control and allow seamless integration into existing locations. Employees can now have their access credentials on the smart devices they already carry.
  • BlueDiamond Mobile credentials can be read from up to 30ft (9M).


  • SpeedFace+ is a series of high-performance face, palm and fingerprint recognition readers that additionally detect if a person has an acceptable body-temperature and is wearing a protective mask.
  • 100% touchless user authentication for various applications including Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management & more.