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A Different Kind of Social Security: LaMarco Systems & Presbyterian Homes at Lake Forest Place

The “Greatest Generation” just got even better.  LaMarco Systems was chosen to install a complex security monitoring system at Lake Forest Place, a Retirement Community owned and operated by Presbyterian Homes.  Located on the North Shore, Lake Forest Place consists of 150 cottage-style units and a larger, four-story apartment-style building.  Needless to say, overcoming the technical challenges of monitoring such a large area was no easy task, which is why LaMarco Systems was chosen to take up the challenge.

Ask anyone with a parent or relative in a Retirement Community, and they will tell you: Choosing one is not easy.  A major factor in deciding, is the level of security on the premises. Let’s face it, older people have had to worry about safety for their entire lives, and have lived through some troubling times.  Which is exactly why things like Video Security and Voice Communication are so important for Retirement Communities.

We quickly went to work, installing Wireless IP CCTV security cameras and Network voice communication systems, covering important areas such as the dog park, garden, parking lot, loading dock, and most of the campus.  This technology enables the Security Director to visually and verbally reach those areas without delay.  Should a situation ever arise when emergency services is needed, they can be contacted the second trouble arises.  This is a significant improvement for the safety and security of the community.  Best of all, LaMarco Systems planned the security to be scalable, so Presbyterian Homes can add more security as the community grows, and not have to worry about integrating into the current system.

Older folks shouldn’t have to worry about feeling secure, and neither should their relatives.  They have chosen full service retirement communities so they can relax, and LaMarco was happy to help. What we sell is safety, but what we offer is peace of mind.

For more information on Presbyterian Homes or Lake Forest Place, please visit their website.  For more information on LaMarco Systems, give us a call.