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Avigilon IP Security Camera Systems

IP cameras that help you detect and respond faster

Your challenges are complex, but your video security shouldn’t be. Our end-to-end IP security camera systems are AI-powered and built with simplicity in mind.


Video, powered by intelligence

Stay aware with video analytics that can quickly alert you to anomalies and potential threats. Avigilon’s AI-powered IP surveillance cameras help you detect, verify and respond efficiently to make your sites safer.


See your site clearly

Maximize visibility across your buildings and protect perimeters with Avigilon indoor and outdoor IP security cameras. Designed to provide crystal-clear footage, these cameras help you see important details, even in challenging conditions.


End-to-end systems you can rely on

Build a better security ecosystem with Avigilon. Our PoE video cameras are trusted for their high performance and durability, with configurations designed for every deployment.

Discover Avigilon IP camera products:

Panoramic security cameras

Be covered from every angle with panoramic security cameras that provide up to 360-degree views from a single vantage point.

Dome security cameras

Protect indoor and outdoor areas with our small, yet mighty dome security cameras that offer a low-profile monitoring solution.

PTZ security cameras

Monitor large sites with a single pan, tilt and zoom security camera that lets you get the level of detail required for investigations.

Bullet and box security cameras

See far and wide with indoor and outdoor bullet and box security cameras that offer long-range detail and AI-powered analytics.

Specialty security cameras

Meet the security and safety needs of unique sites and applications with specially designed fixed PoE IP cameras and sensors.

Video infrastructure

Simplify on-premise server and recorder management with high-performance network video recorders, video storage and appliances.