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Backwards compatible and scalable to fit a wide range of applications, Edwards life safety systems arm your facility with industry-leading fire protection and mass notification capabilities.


Since 1872 Edwards has led the way with innovative solutions that make commercial and public spaces safer. From economical conventional control panels to high-end life safety platforms–and even hybrid panels that offer both conventional and intelligent solutions–every Edwards panel gives you the power to create a system that’s exactly right for your application.



EST4 is the Edwards’ most advanced network life safety platform. Drawing on the strengths and successes of the EST3, EST4 has been engineered to perform for decades, be quick to service, and be simple to integrate into any building’s existing infrastructure. Plus, with state-of-the-art cyber security measures, you can trust EST4 to help protect your property from cyber threats.

Every EST4 solution is designed to work with other Edwards products across generations, and the modular panel design allows for extraordinary flexibility and customizable configurations. The result is a backward-compatible system that gives you the freedom to include the capabilities you need and exclude the ones you don’t, all while providing the opportunity for future expansion.


Meet the EST3, a groundbreaking control platform featuring a unique modular design. Optimized to meet the needs of applications ranging from standalone fire alarm systems to multi-panel networks with unified fire, security, and mass notification functions, the EST3 platform is a total safety solution for any facility. Plus, EST3’s multiplexed audio will deliver up to eight audio messages at the same time, automatically directing the right message to the right people in the right locations.



With the EST3X, you can expect high-performance features exactly where you need them, thanks to the flexibility found in its cutting-edge computing power. Equally suited to both single-building standalone systems and as part of a sophisticated life safety network, EST3X is a scalable, cost-effective solution for mid-range applications.


Experience the kind of intelligence and engineering that was previously only available for much larger systems thanks to the innovations inside the iO Series of intelligent life safety systems. Setting the standard for small building life safety, iO systems offer the speed of high-end intelligent processing packaged in an uncomplicated solution that is ideal for small to mid-size applications. With intelligent detection, electronic addressing, automatic device mapping, and optional ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics, central monitoring services, and digital applications, the iO Series is engineered to provide a seamless user experience. The iO series panels are not networkable.



Quickly and easily upgrade from your existing EST3 system with cost-saving innovations from Edwards. The EST4 platform supports all Signature Series devices, modules and service tools, and Genesis notification appliances. Plus, existing network cabling is reusable.


The EST4 platform’s enhanced networking capabilities give installers more flexibility in where and how your system is installed, making it ideal for mid-to-large applications. EST4’s self-configuring network even allows changes from copper to fiber with no system downtime. That means installation and servicing are quicker and more cost-effective.


Our intelligent systems have many benefits, like remote diagnostics and more effective emergency communication. But with any connectivity comes the risk of security breaches. EST4 is equipped with the ability to deploy proxy firewalls that effectively insulate the internal fire network from external cyber threats. It’s just another way Edwards makes sure you’re protected from every angle.