iLOQ Battery-Free Wireless Locking Solution

The security of your premises has been a priority always, which is why our skilled experts at iLOQ digital access solutions specialize in installing iLOQ digital locking systems. Away from the hassle of keys, we have made another battery-free revolutionary digital lock. With features like visitor and remote access management, these smart locks are made to provide your home or place of business with increased security and convenience.

Why Choose Us?

For the past two decades, we are the leading brand in battery-free technology. Our lock’s battery utilizes energy from surroundings to offer highly flexible, scalable, smart, and sustainable access management solutions. Unlocking is powered by the kinetic motion of inserting the key or using an NFC-compatible smartphone. With all our solutions seamlessly managed through a single cloud-based SaaS platform, our iLOQ battery free digital locking solution provides the most comprehensive and user-friendly access management solution available on the market. 

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World's First Battery-Free Digital Locking System
We at are the first digital locking system in the world that works without batteries, perfectly integrating with NFC-powered mobile access technology. At iLOQ battery free locking solution we emphasize a state-of-the-art locking system that has been painstakingly designed to raise security standards. Our iLOQ battery free wireless locks offer a flexible and trustworthy option to meet diverse locking and access control concerns, regardless of the type of property or building you manage.
Upgrade Security Effortlessly

Safety Became Hassle Free

We always make sure a permanently high level of security should be served, as both our locks as well as keys are fully programmable. Access rights are controlled with user-friendly cloud-based software, with an active graphical user interface that shows the location of locks on floor plans. For the highest level of protection, the cloud-based software must be accessed through an Iloq.en Hotspot or programming device, which may also be used to update locks and keys.


For the ease of our users, both the digital key-based and mobile phone-based solutions are seamlessly managed through a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly platform. This advanced system facilitates state-of-the-art communication between devices, enabling swift and remote updates of a vast amount of data that is seamlessly shared among readers, keys, and locks within a building before unlocking the door. Embrace this cutting-edge technology to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in access management for your property or building.

Cost Effective

Our iLOQ digital access solutions are a highly cost-effective and innovative choice. Our battery free locks use kinetic motion and NFC technology, it eliminates battery usage, reducing maintenance costs. The cloud-based administration streamlines operations, saving time and resources. The scalable system allows easy expansion without major infrastructure expenses. With remote updates and data sharing, it efficiently manages access across devices, saving time and money.

Key Integrations

Our open API allows 3rd party solutions to integrate with Zentra, and our current roadmap includes integrations to many prop-tech solutions such as: Yardi, Realpage, and ButterflyMX. As an iLOQ dealer we will help you design the best solutions to optimally manage your resident’s access.
Who Can Use Our Services?
Our innovative iLOQ locking system services cater to a wide range of users, including residential, commercial, and industrial property owners seeking enhanced security and convenience. We offer a scalable and cost-effective solution that is suitable for small businesses to large corporations. Educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and public sector organizations can also benefit from its seamless administration and long-term savings. Whether managing apartment complexes, office buildings, or industrial facilities, iLOQ’s battery-free wireless locking solution provides a sustainable and efficient access management solution for diverse users in various sectors.
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