Mobile Access

Smartphones are the new door keys, video monitors, visitor logs, and more for modern buildings. LaMarco’s Mobile Access solutions provide convenient, mobile-based access to leading security systems that extend the security perimeter of a facility to anyone, anywhere. Property managers, employees, and residents can more easily manage foot traffic, safety risks, and lifestyle or work conveniences with systems that are seamlessly integrated into a single platform on their phone.
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Features and Capabilities:
Rather than a key, card or fob —which can be lost, cloned or stolen and are often expensive to manage— users are issued a mobile credential for access, allowing them to bypass concierge systems or view and control systems on their phones.

Full range of custom mobile apps and options that integrate with hardware
Easy to use interfaces
Ability to customize credentials per user, controlling their access even before entering the premise
Integration with other advanced systems (such as access control, visitor management, cameras, intercom systems, and other)
Valued amenity for multifamily residential and hotel door locks
mobile access control