System Design & Engineering

Customizing Integrated Security & Life Safety Architecture that Saves Lives + Time & Money

There is no one size fits all approach to security. Unique spaces require individualized plans and customized solutions that meet their unique needs and align with the organizations and communities living and working within them.

However, the task of identifying and implementing an acceptable system has become highly complex for decision-makers developing, remodeling or updating building infrastructure.

For example, how many emergency calls stations do you need? What visitor management applications are best? Where do you place security cameras? And how can you ensure systems are integrated and accessible on mobile platforms?

LaMarco Systems is not like other providers who simply sell products that fit and then leave customers to figure out systems on their own. We help architects, developers and builders vet, design and implement seamless life safety systems that ensure more secure environments that are easier to manage.
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LaMarco Systems provides dedicated security system consulting, design, engineering and integration — specializing in high-quality service.
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v^Life Safety
LaMarco’s Fire Alarm solutions provide support every step of the way — from design, permitting, setup and instillation, to technical support and training, to post-installation monitoring.

Area Of Rescue
Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect building occupants, LaMarco’s Area of Rescue solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications and peace of mind to those that need it most.

Mass Notification
LaMarco’s Notification solutions enable building managers to trigger alerts that send preset or custom messages to targeted groups, activate calls, panic alarms and texts to those in the affected population, as well as local law enforcement – in real time.
v^Smart Access
Access Control
Whether it’s a Door Entry, Card Access, Turn Styles, Elevator Control, Gate, Garage, or other barriers, LaMarco’s Access Control solutions provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems.

Door Entry + Intercom
LaMarco’s Door Entry & Intercom solutions — from locks that support keyless, mobile-based door entry that can be turned-on and -off for visitors to doorbells equipped with intercom capabilities and larger IP-based video door entry systems — are ideal for commercial and corporate campus users.

Visitor Management
LaMarco’s Visitor Management solutions provide comprehensive tools to ensure only authorized individuals gain entry, while maintaining visitor access — including Easy Lobby Secure Visitor Management and IDenticard Systems — that can be newly deployed or easily integrated with existing Access Control system.
v^Advanced Protection
IP Cameras
No matter the size of the building or space being surveilled, LaMarco’s CCTV-IP solutions ensure clear, high-resolution images with incredible zoom capabilities and full 360-degree panoramic views with easy-to-use software, analytics integration and remote viewing from any device.

Intrusion Detection
Safeguard against trespassing, theft, burglary and other risks with reliable, state-of-the-art security. LaMarco’s Intrusion solutions use advanced technology to ensure the highest quality system available. From small applications to large, high-security programs, a full range of products that guard against intrusion are evaluated, implemented and managed seamlessly guard against intrusion.
v^Connected Technology
Smartphones are the new door keys, video monitors, visitor logs, and more for buildings today. LaMarco’s Cloud and Mobile Access solutions provide convenient, mobile-based access of leading security systems that extend the security perimeter of buildings to anyone, anywhere. Security managers can more-easily manage foot traffic, safety risks and lifestyle conveniences with systems that are seamlessly integrated into a single platform on their phone.