Temperature Monitoring

Bursting pipes and melted servers are sometimes just as detrimental for an organization's operation as a flood. That's why we partner with a number of reliable and economical high/low temperature-monitoring device manufacturers that are perfect for commercial applications.

They integrate into any security or fire alarm panel, and allow you to set the desired temperature parameters, and leave with the peace of mind that you will be notified of an incident where corrective action is needed. We also implement these systems in a way that enables you to automatically alarm contacts in the case of a rapid drop or rise in temperature.
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Features and Capabilities:

No matter which device we recommend for your existing systems, they all:

-Connect to any hard wire or wireless alarm system
-Separate output for high and low alarm signals
-Feature sleek, low-profile styling
-Normally open (N.O.)
-Do not require power to operate
high-low temperature monitoring device