Turnstiles help maintain order, control access and help create barriers that prevent unauthorized entry. LaMarco’s Turnstiles integrate with the latest access control and visitor management systems, enhancing innovative security features and preserving the design and thoughtful architecture of lobbies and entryways. Credentials are assigned that provide access with temporary or ongoing periods —on select days and times or for the duration of employment, tenant lease, etc.— to ensure inbound and outbound accountability for employees and guests.
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Features and Capabilities:

When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitors, managing invited guests, and tracking employees’ entry or exit during evacuations is essential to safety.

Integrates with visitor management software and advanced access control systems
Customizable designs and styles
Full-body walk-through for function and/or cosmetic
Cattle gate designs with swinging arms or optical lights
Manageable alarms for missing or incorrect credentials
Functionality for employee-only access and visitor turnstiles
Mobile-based systems provide and control credentials ahead of visits

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