Zentra Access Control System in Chicago

The smart building and multi-family industries both heavily rely on access control to give residents and tenants more security with visitor management, and convenience. Access control systems in smart buildings allow property managers to grant access to approved parties by using cutting-edge technology like keyless entry and mobile apps. Entry to the building's doors, common areas, amenities, and individual units are all provided through these systems in a safe and easy-to-use manner. 

Why Choose Us?

Our business intelligence framework sets us apart from competitors. Zentra access control software offers numerous advantages for effective and secure facility management. Our systems provide advanced features such as customizable access levels and robust security protocols. With Zentra’s seamless security, multifamily property owners and managers can improve operational efficiency through a single system that manages perimeter, amenity, and unit door access. The system offers flexibility, allowing for easy integration with existing infrastructure and the ability to scale as the property grows. Zentra is also the perfect ENGAGE replacement as the no tour feature is set to sunset in June of 2025.

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LaMarcoSystems is an authorized Zentra access control dealer in Chicago, specializing in the seamless installation, maintenance, and support of Zentra access control systems. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge, we provide top-notch service and reliable security solutions. We ensure proper integration of all components, including locking hardware, sensors, and integrated applications, for optimal functionality. Additionally, we offer ongoing support, including troubleshooting, system updates, and maintenance services.

Innovative Security Solutions for Multi-Family Needs and Smart Buildings

There are several advantages to using Zentra access control systems for multifamily buildings. This software solution improves security by limiting unauthorized access by making use of cutting-edge authentication techniques. With Zentra, access control is simple and effective, providing residents with a comfortable and safe living space. 
What is Zentra?
When it comes to multi-family buildings, Zentra is the go-to option since it caters to the requirements of integrators, owners, and property managers. Zentra is a product of Allegion, a name in security you can trust. This software solution makes it possible to manage entire property access simply, while providing smooth, dependable security for occupants.

Zentra delivers convenience for multi-family buildings by streamlining operations, enhancing safety, and improving security with its extensive features including access control, integrations, and one system to manage unit, perimeter, and amenity doors. Zentra is also intuitive and easy to learn workflows perfect for your on the go property managers.
Services And Security Solutions We Offer

Access Control Made Easy

Zentra revolutionizes access control with easy implementation and management. Featuring user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, Zentra simplifies granting and revoking access rights for residents, staff, and visitors. The streamlined setup and configuration ensure a hassle-free experience along with pioneering safety. Zentra’s innovative technology brings simplicity to access control, offering peace of mind for property owners and managers while enhancing multifamily building security.

Ease Of Achieving Unified Control

Zentra provides unified control and monitoring through seamless interaction with all building doors. From perimeter access doors to amenity spaces like package rooms, gyms, and pools to the resident unit, Zentra is one single system to manage all access points. 

Key Integrations

Our open API allows 3rd party solutions to integrate with Zentra, and our current roadmap includes integrations to many prop-tech solutions such as Yardi, Realpage, and ButterflyMX. As a Zentra authorized integrator we will help you design the best solutions to optimally manage your resident’s access.
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Clunky mechanical solutions don’t appeal to residents.Give them the seamless access experience they want.

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