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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Professional to Install Your Safety Alarms

It may be tempting to want to install your own fire and security alarms in your home. Maybe you are a new homeowner and are just overly excited to do any and everything for your home. Or maybe you are just a do-it-all kind of person that enjoys doing many different things. Whatever your reasoning, it is important that you DO NOT attempt to install your own safety alarms.

Hiring a licensed professional to do this for you not only ensures that it will be done correctly, but also gives you peace of mind that the alarm(s) will be operating properly. When looking to hire a professional it is important that you look for these 5 things:

1. Is the company licensed in your state?

It is important to find out if the potential company that you want to hire to install your safety alarms is licensed to do so in your state. Any reputable, legit company would have no problem providing proof of license. This is information that is readily available on a company’s website.

2. Do they provide quality work?

It is one thing to be a licensed company, but does the work that they do leave their clients satisfied? An easy way to find this out is to read testimonials and look for images/videos that showcase work that they have previously done. All of this information should also be readily available on their website.

3. Are they priced competitively?

Hiring a safety alarm company to install your alarms at the lowest price may sound like a great idea, but it may not be. They offer a low price for a reason and it is best to just steer clear. You can find out what a competitive price is in your area by shopping around.

4. Are they insured?

It is extremely important that the company you hire to do your safety alarm installation is insured. This protects both your home and the company if anything were to go wrong during or after the installation.

5. Do they offer a warranty?

Even the highest quality products and installation can encounter technical errors. Look into what kind of warranties the company offers to ensure that you are covered in the event there is a technical malfunction.

If all five of these questions can be answered with a “yes” then that is a company you know will be able to provide you with the installation that you need.

The best part? LaMarco Systems has all of these things and more! When you choose LaMarco Systems to do your professional safety alarm installation you will not be disappointed. With stellar reviews from all of our clients, we are the right company for you.

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