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BMW selects Bosch smoke detectors for World Headquarters

The BMW Group, one of the world’s foremost carmakers, has installed more than 500 Bosch smoke detectors in its headquarters building in Munich. The installation was part of a building renovation designed to bring the heating, ventilation, electrical, sanitary and safety and security facilities up to modern standards.

For safety and security measures, the BMW Group installed Bosch FCP-500 Conventional Flush-mount Smoke Detectors. The choice of this type of detector was made for the product’s reliability, performance and aesthetic design.

The building is noted for its distinctive architecture that resembles a four-cylinder car engine, comprising four vertical cylinders standing next to and across from each other. The detectors are installed in a ring formation that is integrated in appearance with the lighting and are color-matched to suit specific areas of the building. With this design, they are virtually invisible to building occupants and visitors.

The Bosch FCP-500 detectors use a virtual smoke measuring chamber by monitoring two independent light areas in open space. Those installed in the BMW Group building also include a gas sensor for detecting carbon monoxide. The sensitivity level of the chamber increases when carbon monoxide is detected, making the unit equal to or better than standard commercial photoelectric smoke chambers, while significantly reducing false alarms when the gas is not present.