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A Year in Review: School Safety Lessons From 2022

There have been shootings at U.S. schools almost every year since 1966, but in 2021 there were a record 250 shooting incidents – including any occurrence of a firearm being discharged, be it related to suicides, accidental shootings, gang-related violence, or happenings at after-hours school events. Since 2010, the number of incidents with guns being displayed or fired, or bullets hitting school property, has increased steadily, with significant increases in 2018 and again in 2021.

With data still being compiled, it’s clear that 2022 was already the worst year on record. As of October 24, there have been 257 shootings on school campuses – passing the 250 total for all of 2021. Many of these incidents have been simple disputes that turned deadly because teenagers came to school angry and armed. The increase in shootings in and around school buildings has many parents, students, and teachers on edge. In fact, an October 2022 Pew Research survey found that one-third of parents report being “very worried” or “extremely worried” about a shooting at their child’s school.

Technologies That Can Keep Everyone Safe

LaMarco’s trained security professionals have many proven technology solutions and school shooter defense mechanisms to help ensure safety inside and outside of the building. From the initial planning through the designing and engineering of optimal systems, we’ve helped dozens of schools improve the safety of students, faculty, and visitors with active shooter defense protection. Here are some of the technologies we specialize in that can help keep your school safe.

Intrusion Detection

One of the safeguards that should be put in place in all schools to manage trespassing and violence is state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems. From small applications to large, high-security programs, a full range of products that guard against intrusion is evaluated, implemented, and managed seamlessly. For maximum security in the area of school protection, these safeguards should be given priority consideration to ensure all students, teachers, and school staff can have confidence and peace of mind that their school environments are safe and secure.

Door Entry & Intercom

Knowing who is approaching the doors of a school is the best line of defense when it comes to protecting school facilities, students, and staff. From locks that support keyless, mobile-based door entry that can be turned on and off for visitors, to entrance points equipped with intercom capabilities, and larger IP-based video door entry systems — LaMarco’s range of door entry & intercom solutions are ideal for school buildings and grounds.

Access Control

Access Control systems not only determine who can enter or exit physical spaces on school grounds but also monitor and manage where and when people have access to specific rooms or entry points throughout the school building. Whether it’s door entry, card access, or other barriers, LaMarco’s Access Control solutions provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions for a range of school protection applications.

Visitor Management Technology

When you have to know who is in the school building and on the campus, and for how long, you need a security system that identifies and monitors every person that steps foot on school property. When any potential visitor can be a risk or a victim, it’s important to make sure you have full visibility into everyone who’s on school grounds. LaMarco’s visitor management solutions provide comprehensive tools to ensure only authorized individuals gain entry, while maintaining visitor access — including EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management and IDenticard Systems — that can be newly deployed or easily integrated with an existing access control system for greater school protection.

CCTV IP Cameras

Video is essential to any security operation today, enabling visual management of school classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, auditoriums, assembly halls, and more. It can also reveal vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. No matter the size of the building or space being surveilled, LaMarco’s CCTV-IP solutions ensure clear, high-resolution images with incredible zoom capabilities. Our systems even have full 360-degree panoramic views with easy-to-use,

cloud-accessible software that enable remote viewing from any device. This empowers school security departments and guards to monitor every corner of the building from anywhere.

Mass Notification Tools

In large complexes, across campuses and buildings, mass notification capabilities are needed to ensure safety and enable communications with those that may be impacted by an emergency. LaMarco’s Mass Notification software solutions can be managed on a single platform, enabling users to send notifications quickly through various mediums to reach students, teachers, and families — both on- and off-campus — through preset or custom messages, as well as communications with local law enforcement. And CCTV video technology to help surveillance of school entrances, cafeterias, assembly spaces, and even hallways.

Superintendents Can Lead Efforts To Make Their Schools Safer

Preventing weapons from getting into the hands of potential school shooters will require police, policymakers, school boards, and the community to devote resources toward cracking down on would-be shooters, and developing protocols and emergency action plans to keep students and school personnel safe throughout the day. There is no easy solution, but parents can take steps to help keep their children safe by talking to them about what to do in the event of a shooting incident. In addition to these discussions at home, having a child psychologist available at school might help with any anxiety caused by discussions of a possible school shooting. Schools can further help by consistently running safety drills and asking law enforcement officers to talk to students about ways to remain safe both in and out of the classroom.

LaMarco Can Provide Technology-based Solutions for School Safety

LaMarco Systems is a leading life safety and integrated security solutions provider — offering comprehensive, all-in-one tech services and solutions, and customized security installations that have helped protect thousands of students. Our security specialists and technicians are certified to provide custom solutions to even the most daunting security challenges found in schools and on campus grounds. We can help give students and faculty alike safe, secure spaces in which to learn and achieve.