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A Year in Review: School Safety Lessons From 2022

There have been shootings at U.S. schools almost every year since 1966, but in 2021 there were a record 250 shooting incidents – including any occurrence of a firearm being discharged, be it related to suicides, accidental shootings, gang-related violence, or happenings at after-hours school events. Since 2010, the number of incidents with guns being […]

Project Feature – Lincoln @ CityGate Centre

Located in Naperville, Illinois, CityGate Centre is home to fine restaurants and inviting bars, a four-diamond modern luxury hotel & spa, 285 luxury apartment residences, and even Class-A office space. It’s home to hundreds and a workplace for many more. But such a bustling community brings big security and safety concerns. That’s why CityGate Centre […]

Giving The Gift of Peace of Mind

Faith-based communities are often the unfortunate victims of theft and vandalism, as well as a growing threat of violence or acts of terror. This is why it’s becoming more and more important to make sure that your house of worship is protected with proper, thorough security elements to make sure your community can feel safe. […]

Emergency Action Plans: What Does Your Business Need?

An emergency action plan is a set of guidelines for businesses to follow during disasters. A good EAP not only details actions businesses will take in the event of an emergency but also helps them prevent catastrophe, prepare for prolonged shutdowns, and return to normal operations post-disaster. Why Businesses Need Emergency Action Plans Emergency action […]

Do you know who’s coming through your doors?

Just like our homes, today’s businesses are investing in elaborate alarm systems and integrated door security in order to protect their facilities, employees, and important business assets from forced entries, burglaries, or even something more nefarious.  A great starting point are proper security doors, which come in a variety of styles and have options for […]

How to Integrate Physical and Digital Security

Physical and digital security have traditionally been seen as separate when devising security solutions for corporate and private interests. Cyber security protects computers and data from unauthorized access. Physical security keeps people safe by allowing only authorized individuals into the building. However, given the ever-evolving technological landscape of modern security, as well as a surge […]