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Access Control Will Change Your Business: Here’s How

We’ve all seen movies where the main characters create some elaborate plan to sneak into a building. This is usually carried out by creating a distraction for the security guards, or merely blending in with the crowd and walking right in. Once they’ve entered the building, they have the potential to wreak havoc, such as stealing classified information or becoming violent towards your employees. Now imagine this scenario happening in your own business. Scary isn’t it? No need to worry with LaMarco Systems in your line of defense!

Have you ever wondered how secure the entrance and exits are for your company? Sure you have a front desk where all visitors are required to sign in, but how do you go about managing your other entrances? Maybe you have a security camera facing each doorway, but is that really enough to ensure that intruders can’t find their way inside? These are all the common questions business owners ask themselves when evaluating their security practices.

The answer is simple: Access Control.

What is “access control”?

Access control is a security technique that is used to automatically allow authorized personnel into a building when proper identification is scanned or a special code is entered. There are two types of access control; logical and physical.

  1. Logical control is implemented to allow or deny access to certain databases, network files and classified information.
  2. Physical control is implemented in order to limit access to certain buildings or rooms. It can do a multitude of things, including:
    • Accessibility restriction to floors through elevator control
    • Garage door access control using RF-transmitters
    • Surveillance system integration
    • Easy asset tracking
    • Visitor management through an ID badge system
    • Fingerprint and face recognition solutions
    • Employee entry/exit time with clock-in/clock-out management

When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitor access is essential to keeping employees safe and property secure. Whether it’s a door, elevator, gate or other barrier, in order to lower the risk of an intruder, access control is vital. This is just another preventative measure for keeping unwelcomed visitors from starting trouble for your company.

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