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Bosch is pleased to announce the launching of new D1265 Touch Screen Keypad which is available starting January 2011. You can read the description of the new keypad  here.

The most pleasant advantage of the new product is that existing users/owners ofBosch G series can upgrade to D1265 Touch Screen Keypad without replacing the control panel!

The D1265 keypad uses up to four rows of 20 characters each to display system messages and/or graphical buttons used to select a menu and associated functions. In addition to system messages and graphical buttons, the keypad displays, as needed, ten numeric buttons (0 to 9) and two function buttons (CMD and ENTER). When several events occur, the keypad shows each event in order of priority.

The new keypad uses a sounder emits eight distinct warning tones. Users can adjust the volume and can also silence the tone with a passcode.

The main features of D1265 Touch Screen Keypad are:

  • Bright 720 by 300 TFT color graphic touch screen display provides excellent visibility;
  • Simple menu operation allows ease of use for novice users and familiarity for experts;
  • System instructions through Integrated on-screen Help;
  • Easy installation with self-locking base and chassis design including integrated bubble level;
  • Compatible with GV2 and GV3 Series Control Panels.