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VoIP Problems

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is a new phone service option that allows phone calls to be made over an internet connection. VoIP offers unlimited calling at an attractively low rate, however, at this time VoIP is not fully regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. So, now there are no standards to provide uniformity and the process of transmitting voice has created an unreliable means of communication between security systems and monitoring centers. VoIP suppliers actually encourage customers to keep one POTS line available for emergencies.

Due to many reasons VoIP might not work with your alarm system, for example:

  • Signals don’t go through because the alarm user is accessing other Internet services at the time an alarm goes off.
  • The VoIP service cannot accurately reproduce the sounds from the alarm communicator over the internet or cable service.
  • Alarm signals may cease to transmit properly due to fluctuations in the compression technology which VOIP uses.
  • VoIP providers use different internet communication methods. The customer will not be aware of any change until the alarm system is no longer able to transmit signals.
  • POTS telephone lines are required to have their own power supply and will always work in a typical power outage. VoIP is not required to have a backup power supply and may not reliably work during a power outage.

Changing to VoIP telephone service might disrupt the communication of your Burglar/Fire Alarm with the Central Station Monitoring Company. Please email to or call LaMarCo Systems at 847.239.7590 before you decide to switch to VoIP. Our consultants will help you to prevent all the problems mentioned above.