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Access control systems not only determine who can enter or exit physical spaces, but also monitor and manage where and when they have access to specific rooms or entry points. Whether it’s door entry, card access, turnstiles, elevator control, gate, garage, or other barriers, having secure access to your physical spaces is a fundamental aspect of successful security systems.

Physical security management and physical security systems are often looked at as the basics of any complete and successful security system. However, it’s still important to sit and think over some of the finer aspects of physical security and what you may or may not need to best secure and stabilize your physical space.

Examples of Access Control and Their Security

Understanding different types of access controls can help inform your decisions on what your security needs are for your organization. Let’s go over some of the different types of security mechanisms and how they can help keep your physical spaces stable and secure.

Door Entry: Making sure that your door entry is secure is security 101. Door security can come in many different forms, from keycard access to turnstiles. A secure door presence can help maintain stability and limit access to your physical space.

Part of creating a secure environment is maintaining an even and authorized flow of people into and out of your space. This can be controlled by things like keycards, a front desk operator, or a pin code. No matter how you do it, door entry and security is key.

Indoor Systems: Once you’ve made sure that your doors are secure, it’s time to make sure that the systems within your physical space are secure as well. This ranges to everything from elevator controls to interactive maps to security cameras.

When you can secure your door you can better secure your indoor space. However, it’s also important to make sure that the systems you have in place are well integrated with every other part of your security plan. This involves making sure that keycard access that works at the door extends to all places necessary within your space, or making sure that all of your security cameras are linked to a single, secure system that is easily accessible from multiple locations and devices.

Gate/Garage Control: Controlling the flow of traffic into your space is crucial for maintaining stability and security. Part of doing that is securing your gate or garage. Like with door security, maintaining a stable and secure point of access to parking structures that may be part of your space is crucial for good security systems.

Like with indoor systems, you’ll want to make sure that your cameras, keycard access, and other systems are linked to a single, secure network that is easily accessible from multiple locations and devices. However, since gates and garages can sometimes be separate from your space, it may prove difficult to link these systems together, and you may want to consider using a separate system for your gate or garage.

What Can Lamarco Do For You?

When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitor access is essential to keeping employees safe and your property secure. Flexible system architecture allows for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems. Lamarco has experience creating, installing, and maintaining multiple different types of security systems. Our security solutions can help you with:

– Accessibility restriction to floors through elevator control

– Garage door access control using RF-transmitters

– Surveillance system integration

– Tracking assets easily

– Implementing interactive maps

– Visitor management through an ID badge system

– Fingerprint and face recognition solutions

– Employee entry/exit time with clock-in/clock-out management

If any of these security solutions sound like they may be right for you, Lamarco can help! Call or schedule an appointment today.