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Cloud Security and Updating Cloud Systems

Cloud Security and Updating Cloud Systems

 Cloud services are an essential part of modern day business. From storing files and data, to containing security information, making sure that your cloud security is up-to-date and operating perfectly is paramount.

Incorporating cloud technology into your existing security systems can also greatly benefit your business. From connecting up video technologies, to controlling remote access from multiple devices, cloud systems and technologies are a vital part of modern security.

What Are Cloud Systems?

Cloud systems, sometimes referred to as cloud computing systems, are systems of technology, software, hardware, and other infrastructure that can be used to remotely store everything from data to video across multiple devices, systems, and technologies.

In the last decade, there has been a shift in how data and information is stored. What used to be stored on physical devices like memory cards, harddrives, and discs now is sent to server rooms all across the world to be stored. Cloud systems, in effect, are giant server rooms that host massive quantities of storage and data processing technology.

These systems can range in size from just a few local servers in your office, to massive warehouses full of servers and data processors. Amazon, for instance, has made a fortune building out server rooms and cloud systems and then renting them out to companies in need of reliable cloud storage and data processing.

These cloud servers have become both a blessing and somewhat of a liability for some companies. As before, it was much harder for someone to gain access to the internal systems of a company as most of the storage was on physical devices and stored locally, but now with things like Amazon Web Services, those files are now stored across the web and not saved locally. However, these cloud systems often are more efficient, cheaper, and can hold much more data and information than other, more traditional forms of storage.

Cloud Integration

Cloud systems can help to bridge the gap between different types of security systems. It can also be a very efficient way to do so. Cloud systems can put all of your security information in one place that can be easily accessed by anyone with your permission.

Cloud technologies can be integrated with physical systems, as well. When it comes to cloud integration with physical systems, this is primarily for things like storing video, information, and much more.

However, cloud systems can also be used to upgrade your security systems. Whether it’s interconnecting video systems or providing remote access, cloud solutions can tie it all together. Whether your company consists of one building or several spread out over a wide geographic area, cloud solutions can enable users to access security systems — such as captured video surveillance — with control and ease, viewed anytime, and from any device.

How Lamarco Can Help

Building out cloud infrastructure is one thing, but properly maintaining and upgrading cloud security is an entirely different task. Lamarco Systems can help. Lamarco Systems brings the latest modern cloud technologies to make security easier to use, more accessible and more flexible in order to expand the applications.

All-in-one AI cloud-based IoT and security platforms for residential, SMB, and enterprise organizations offer deep monitoring of all connected devices and events, notification of risks and automatic corrective action. Systems work on any device, anywhere, anytime. No software is required and the simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any training. We can:

  • Incorporate two way cloud-based video intercom system
  • Incorporate easy plug and play connectivity and maintenance
  • Fit door release events with time/date stamps
  • Create in-unit hardware with tenant smartphone technology
  • Use touchscreens to search or call building residents remotely
  • Easily integrate with other PMS systems

From upgrading your existing cloud services to integrating physical security systems, Lamarco’s cloud solutions enable quality, controlled access to all your security systems while making them run as efficiently as possible.

Cloud technology is still booming and ever changing, that’s why it’s important to see if upgrading or adjusting your cloud solutions is right for you and your business.