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How to Integrate Physical and Digital Security

Physical and digital security have traditionally been seen as separate when devising security solutions for corporate and private interests. Cyber security protects computers and data from unauthorized access. Physical security keeps people safe by allowing only authorized individuals into the building.

However, given the ever-evolving technological landscape of modern security, as well as a surge in security needs based on an increasingly virtual workforce, the two are becoming more intertwined, and the importance of physical and digital security integration is becoming essential to maintaining a safe, secure working environment.

Many business owners and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) are looking for unique solutions not only to adequately provide both physical and digital security, but to do so in a more efficient, streamlined way. This has been made all the more necessary by the pandemic which showed just how many gaps laid ominously unchecked in security landscapes.

With many physical office buildings and complexes left unattended, properties were left vulnerable. This led to massive increases in security breaches—134% in Philadelphia and a 169% in New York. And cybersecurity was no better; the same year, 2020, a study completed by 1,000 executives across the US and Europe found that 90% of those surveyed claimed to experience an increase in cyberattacks due to the exponential expansion of the remote workforce.

A compromised network can mean compromised information regarding business-critical data, security sensors, video cameras, and access controls. Even if a threat turns out to be benign, such breaches can mean a complete overhaul of systems, shifts in protocol, and copious time wasted that could be spent elsewhere. Not to mention the anxiety that comes from feeling that you, your assets, and your staff have been exposed and compromised.

But organizations are catching on to the extremely detrimental effects of such security shortcomings and are making structural changes to support the mitigation of cyber and physical security threats. Having a more comprehensive view of security for an entire organization, rather than disjointed teams handling cyber and physical security needs, is the start to changing the way we think about security and safety.

And integrating and updating the two, especially if you’re unsure where to start, begins with an informed security partner. For over 20 years, LaMarco has worked with the world’s leading technology companies, security experts, and law enforcement personnel to constantly reimagine facility security in this rapidly evolving arena. A leading Life Safety and Integrated Security Solutions provider, here are just some of the ways our two decades of experience can help you get a digital security upgrade and a physical security upgrade, all at once:


LaMarco Cloud Solutions

Interconnecting systems, providing remote access: cloud solutions work to tie it all together. Whether your company consists of one building or several spread out over a wide geographic area. LaMarco’s Cloud solutions are web-based, enabling users to access security systems — such as captured video surveillance — with control and ease, viewed anytime, and from any device.

Cloud Solutions provide an organizational stronghold for your business. Centralizing employee information in the company system including credentials, level of access, and privileges ensures all points of vulnerability have been identified, and prevents anyone from gaining more access rights than necessary to perform his or her job. Intercom systems, badge swipes, and multi-factor authentication can help to do the same on the physical access side, to ensure employees only have access to spaces they need to do their job to protect data, privacy, assets and information from possible over-exposure and insider threats.

LaMarco Systems brings the latest modern cloud technologies to make security easier to use, more accessible and more flexible in order to expand the applications. All-in-one AI Cloud-based IoT and security platforms for Residential, SMB, and Enterprise offer deep monitoring of all connected devices and events, notification of risks and automatic corrective action. Systems work on any device, anywhere, anytime. No software is required and the simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any training.

  • Two Way Cloud-based Video Intercom system
  • Easy Plug and Play Connectivity and Maintenance
  • Door Release Events with Time/Date Stamp
  • In-Unit Hardware with Tenant Smartphone Technology
  • Use Touchscreen to Search or Call Building Residents
  • Easily Integrate with other PMS Systems


Wireless Networking solutions

LaMarco’s traditional wired & wireless networking solutions work in conjunction with leading technology providers to ensure a secured, comprehensive and fully integrated system. From the design stage to implementation, LaMarco works with its customers to build each network from the ground up based on the customer’s needs, including wireless broadband equipment and accessories, to towers and site infrastructure applications.

  • Licensed Wireless Point-to-Point Systems
  • MESH Wireless Equipment
  • Network and Network Management Systems
  • Site Solutions
  • Unlicensed Wireless Point-to-Point Systems
  • Video Surveillance Products
  • Wireless Broadband Wi-Fi Products WLAN
  • Wireless WAN and LAN Point-to-Multipoint Systems


Mass Notifications

In large complexes, across campuses and buildings, mass notification capabilities are needed to ensure safety and enable communications with those that may be impacted by an emergency. LaMarco’s Mass Notification solutions can be managed on a single platform, enabling users to send notifications quickly through various mediums to reach targeted groups in the affected population — both on- and off-property — through preset or custom messages, as well as communications with local law enforcement.

Today, the bridge between physical security (controlling physical access) and cyber or logical security (such as virus detection or the prevention of unauthorized network access) can be built to fortify security on all fronts simultaneously. Departments managing the physical and digital sides of security are increasingly in conversation if not integrated completely.

Keeping businesses, assets, and people truly safe necessitates both physical and cyber security. And for an innovative, integrated solution to both, visit or talk to a LaMarco security expert to get the physical, digital, or integrated security upgrade you need to ensure your business, assets, and employees are as safe as possible.