Bosch Security System Update

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Dear Lamarco Systems Inc Customers

Wireless carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others have announced the shutdown of 3G wireless networks and switch to 4G LTE starting ~February 2022. This means your security/fire system will no longer have the wireless network necessary to communicate with the central control. This is commonly referred to in the industry as “3G Sunset”.

Once 3G networks are shut down, any alarm panel or an integrated system that is not 4G LTE-enabled or hasn’t been converted will no longer be able to communicate with the central control or emergency services. While many outdated systems might function locally, other integrated systems will not receive data if signals are sent cellular-only in the event of an emergency or temporary outages caused by harsh weather, service disruption, or an intruder.

Tentative 3G sunset Dates Set by Carriers:
- Verizon: end of 2022

- AT&T: early 2022

- T-Mobile/Sprint: start of 2022

Based on the information we have on file; your Bosch system may be upgraded from 3G to 4G LTE by replacing the cellular communicator and reprogramming the panel to a new frequency.

If the upgrade is possible, the following service will be all-inclusive $500 which will include:
- Scheduling on-site technician

- New 4G LTE cellular communicator (parts may have lead time)

- Panel reprogramming

- Testing to ensure proper operation

Please contact us to schedule a no-charge system evaluation and mention this letter.
Not upgrading your system to 4G LTE will cause interruption of service when 3G networks deactivate

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