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How Electronic Key Security Systems And Smart Technology are Revolutionizing Multifamily Property Security

Multifamily properties have, in the last few decades, become a big part of the housing industry. With cities becoming increasingly popular and houses becoming increasingly expensive, it’s no wonder that townhomes, apartment complexes, and condos have grown in popularity. But when it comes to multifamily property security, finding the right fit for these buildings can become a laborious task.

Single-family home solutions are often too complicated to scale up to fit the needs of a multifamily security system, but commercial security systems can easily end up feeling like overkill, not to mention making a residential property feel cold and corporate.

So what is the future of multifamily security? Just like many aspects of daily life including transportation and communication, smart technology is bringing a new level of safety and efficiency to multifamily security solutions.

A ‘smart’ or connected building includes programs “empowered by technology and data that enhances the overall management, operations, and efficiency of the building. The connected market – currently valued at more than $15 Billion USD – is projected to reach $137 Billion USD by 2023” (

Multifamily smart solutions provide not only easy, intuitive property security solutions, but also more adaptable ones. This includes controlled access to monitor and manage who can enter and exit the property, as well as who has access to common areas, specific access points, garages, or other outdoor properties. Wireless locks, door entry, and intercoms can also help create a mobile-based door entry system ideal for multifamily residential users. And when it comes to visitor management, electric key systems can be easily integrated with other access controls to create a smooth, intuitive user experience.

You may wonder; what’s wrong with a traditional key? The short answer: nothing. But remember when you still had to input a code to open your phone? How much easier it is to just use your fingerprint, or even safer and more convenient, a scan of your face? Technology is constantly improving, and electric key security systems can not only make multifamily property security easier, but also ensure residents that their families and homes are safer than ever before.

Installing electronic smart locks at exterior openings and common areas is a good first step, along with replacing mechanical keys with smart cards or mobile credentials. This will introduce the benefits of electronic access, creating more visibility and control over who enters spaces. Not to mention that it makes key management much less of a headache. Plus, it’s more convenient for residents, which means better retention and improved occupancy rates. With traditional keys, management can be labor intensive. Electronic key security systems, in contrast, offer stronger security, and reduce many of the risks associated with mechanical keys, especially in buildings where you’re managing multiple keys for a multitude of residents.

When it comes to what type of electronic security system to install in a multifamily property, there are a few options, but multifamily network security, especially systems with cellular back-up, are more reliable than their old landline counterparts. As the number of landline owners dwindle, this is becoming increasingly true. While phone lines can be cut by a resourceful burglar or damaged during a natural disaster, multifamily network security systems are less prone to these types of disruptions.

Property managers are not only tasked with the day-to-day operations of the real estate they manage, but are also challenged with securing it. At the same time, residents are consistently ranking security among the most important building features, and they’re willing to pay more for it. In fact, research shows that residents are willing to increase monthly rent payments or association dues to have more technology; placing the greatest emphasis on security as the most valued amenity. Technology that provides peace of mind is of the greatest demand, including cameras, keyless entry and security systems that can offer convenient access and control of safety and daily living.

As expectations from residents increase, building managers must look for comprehensive, integrated solutions. And in this world of new technology, LaMarco is there to not only provide integrated solutions, but also all-in-one support, giving you support, maintenance, innovation, and peace of mind. So as you look for solutions that fit your property, remember the key to your multifamily security problems…maybe an electric one.