Area of Rescue

Multi-story buildings must be equipped with emergency intercom systems as well as reliable two-way communication to ensure people with limited mobility or disability are safe in emergency situations. Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect building occupants, LaMarco’s Area of Rescue solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications to ensure peace of mind for those who need it most.
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Features and Capabilities:
Any Building Type and Size
Area of Rescue Emergency Assistance Communication System
Easy to access call stations
Call communication to Emergency Response Centers
Area of Rescue Signage
Analog and Digital Emergency Rescue System
v^LaMarco Systems Uses Industry-Leader Cornell Products
Cornell provides intuitive systems that provide a reliable method of communication as well as peace of mind to those that need it most. The Cornell Series 4200 Audio/Visual area of refuge system has different designs for various applications. The call button uses a public telephone line for voice communication. The 4200 Audio/Visual System provides maximum security. It is designed to resist vandalism and prevent false alarms. This emergency call procedure is effective and simple. The caller just pushes the call station button. The call station then talks with the caller. This simple procedure is excellent, especially since the caller may be under stress in an emergency situation.
v^LaMarco Systems as an authorized dealer and distributor of Jeron’s Pro-Alert 480™
Pro-Alert 480™ is a multiplexed intercom system, designed specifically to meet the Area of Rescue Assistance communication requirements as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. During an emergency, building occupants can use Pro-Alert to call for assistance from a designated Area of Refuge in high-rise buildings and commercial facilities. High-rise and institutional facilities looking to fulfill Area of Rescue Assistance code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect their building’s occupants, have a comprehensive communication solution with the Pro-Alert 480 system. Designed to be flexible and scalable, Pro-Alert 480 provides small to large critical communication solutions for stairwells and other areas of rescue in parking structures, industrial/commercial buildings and residential high rise buildings.