CCTV IP Cameras

Video can be essential to any security operation today, and enabling visual management of a facility allows for a clear view of potential vulnerabilities. No matter the size of the building or space being surveilled, LaMarco’s CCTV-IP solutions ensure clear, high-resolution images with incredible zoom capabilities and full 360-degree panoramic views. LaMarco's solutions feature easy-to-use software, analytics integration, and remote viewing from any device.
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Features and Capabilities:

In collaboration with leading manufacturers of video surveillance products, we strive to meet your needs with customized solutions such as:

Full range of Video Surveillance Products
Easy to use Surveillance Software
Integration with other leading camera and hardware manufacturers
Scalable software integration
Remote viewing from any device
Sharp image quality with detailed zoom feature
Video Analytics integration
End-to-end solutions for all size systems
Video Management Software
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