Jeron Area of Rescue Assistance Systems

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc. is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of advanced  area of rescue and intercom products for alerting and communicating with residents and occupants in emergency situations in commercial, institutional, and mid- to high-rise residential buildings.

Why Choose Jeron Electronic Systems?

Our area of rescue and intercom products are meticulously designed with precision and engineered to deliver unwavering reliability. In the event of an evacuation emergency, these advanced area of rescue systems play a crucial role in alerting and maintaining seamless communication between individuals in distress and emergency responders. With their robust capabilities, the Jeron area of rescue assistance system enables swift and coordinated action, ensuring that the necessary help reaches those in need quickly and efficiently. In times of crisis, these dependable solutions enable responders to  communicate effectively, contributing to enhanced life safety and rapid emergency response.

Compliance And Regulations

Jeron area of rescue assistance systems meet strict fire code requirements and are designed in accordance with UL2525, ADA, and NFPA requirements, while also complying with the new UL2525 standard.

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What Do We Do?
Our advanced systems enable individuals in distress to effectively communicate with emergency responders, allowing for swift and coordinated action. Equipped with features such as intercoms and alerting mechanisms, Jeron’s systems ensure that individuals can signal for help and relay important information in real-time. Our Systems play a crucial role in enhancing safety and facilitating efficient emergency response procedures in commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.
Service Propound at Jeron’s Rescue Assistance Systems

1. Pro Alert 480

At Jeron, our Pro-Alert 480 is a UL2525 Listed emergency two-way call system designed for ADA-compliant Area of Rescue Assistance. It enables occupants in high-rise buildings and commercial facilities to request assistance from designated Areas of Refuge during emergencies. With compliance with UL2525, NFPA 72, ADA, and IBC Standards, the Jeron Pro-Alert 480 System ensures safety, regulatory compliance, and reliable communication for swift emergency response.

2. Pro Alert 450

The Pro-Alert 450 is our specialized emergency alerting system for facilities with up to ten remote call areas. Occupants can quickly call for assistance from first responders during emergencies. This system enables clear communication with the designated Area of Refuge, ensuring prompt response and effective coordination. With streamlined functionality, the Pro-Alert 450 efficiently transmits emergency calls, enhancing safety and emergency preparedness in various facility settings.

3. Ease Of Access

Designated “Areas of Refuge” or “Areas of Rescue” serve as crucial gathering points during emergencies. Strategically located throughout the building, they provide safe spaces for occupants to assemble, await first responders, and receive temporary refuge and protection. Equipped with communication systems and emergency supplies, these areas maximize safety, aid in the orderly evacuation, and ensure occupants stay connected and supported until help arrives.
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