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What Are Security Analytics And Why Are They Important?

What Are Security Analytics And Why Are They Important?

Analytics are increasingly becoming the main driver behind everything from basketball shot selection to futures trading. Having a large amount of reliable data can help you almost predict the future. Trends can become available that you may have never seen before and new avenues for optimization can suddenly open up, it’s almost like magic. These same things can be applied to security systems.

The importance of security analytics cannot be underestimated in this ever increasingly digital landscape. Full integration of physical security systems with elements like facial recognition, motion tracking, and cloud computing can revolutionize your business’s approach to security.

Once fully integrated, this data can be used to inform things like where foot traffic is the heaviest, where door access may be needed, or even if you could scale back your security efforts. The benefits of security analytics are almost limitless, and should be looked into for your business to take the next leap into modern security.

Security Innovations In Analytics Technologies

Cybersecurity is the main driver of security analytics. It’s much easier to integrate analytics technology into digital spaces than with traditional, physical ones. It is, however, doable. This is mainly because cloud computing and cloud integration with physical security systems has made those physical systems become digital. Cloud computing has made it possible for security systems to have advanced technological and analytical capabilities.

The other main innovation with security has come in the form of more advanced video security systems. Cameras, their cards, and their technological capabilities have never been better and continue to get cheaper and cheaper. Things that were once reserved for movies, like advanced motion tracking and facial recognition, are now practical things that businesses can use in their own security systems. The problem lies in integration and the eternal question of “what next?” Once you have your systems in place, what do you do with them?

Building out a robust analytical framework that can more easily inform your security decisions can seem daunting, but if done correctly, can drastically improve your security results. The days of physical and digital security being separate entities are becoming increasingly outdated as cloud computing and technology integration become easier and more affordable. Finding the right team to help build out that framework should be a priority for any business looking to take their security solutions into the 2020’s.

What Can Lamarco Do for You?

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