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BOSCH firmware release 3.0 for IP video encoders and decoders

January 7, 2010

Bosch is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new firmware release for our Bosch Video over IP portfolio of products. This release includes JPEG and standard player compatibility.

The new firmware offers the option to become a real-time JPEG encoder, which means it can be recorded on any of hundreds of JPEG-compatible NVRs and hybrid DVRs. Also, when certified compatible with our IP cameras, v3.0 will deliver the superior Dinion image quality (up to 30 FPS at 4CIF) and AutoDome modularity.

Customers can view video anywhere, since the new firmware supports standard, off-the-shelf media players such as Video Lan Client (VLC) and QuickTime. With just these players (without Bosch software or ActiveX components from Bosch), customers can view live cameras using the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) at up to 30 FPS at 2CIF. This opens up opportunities for using compatible hand-held devices – and for temporary users (e.g., police officers in vehicles approaching a school).

The Bosch VideoJet X series supports USB HDD Recording at the Edge, and Bilinx for controlling an AutoDome or modular cameras via a Web browser. Point-to-point functionality allows customers to continuously view four cameras on one VIP XD with auto-connect, without any intervening software.

Intelligent Video Analysis 3.0 (IVA 3.0) will be included in this release of firmware 3.0 – watch for more information on IVA 3.0’s Intelligence at the Edge capabilities coming soon.

Firmware v3.0 is compatible with VIP X1600 and Video X10/X20/X40 encoders, as well as the VIP XD decoder. It is not yet supported on the Bosch IP cameras – an announcement will be made when compatibility is confirmed. It is also incompatible with the VIP X1 and VIP X2 (the latest firmware revision for these is v2.51).

All units that customers want to upgrade to FW3.0 must have firmware 2.5x previously installed. In addition, Configuration Manager 1.70 should not be installed on Bosch Video Management System v1.1.3 workstations.