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LaMarCo Systems is pleased to announce the new Wireless Touch Screen Keypad(referred to as the TS1). The TS1 is an excellent addition to any ExeqControl system enabling users to more conveniently access and control their home security and home automation devices from any room in their home. In conjunction with the release of the TS1, the new 900 MHz Transceiver which enables any ExeqControl panel to communicate with the TS1 will also be available.



  • Easy access to all security and home automation features from any room.
  • Common and familiar full color touch screen interface
  • Excellent range and instantaneous response
  • Extends system status, alerts and chime annunciation throughout the house
  • Attractive and innovative design
  • Install on the wall or place on your nightstand or countertop using the desktop kit (coming soon)
  • Display and buttons completely darken at night and instantly illuminate with a single touch
  • Add up to four TS1s per system


System Requirements

Use of the new TS1 requires an ExeqControl panel with the 900 MHz Transceiver installed and running system software version 1.8. Detailed 1.8 update instructions and 900 MHz Transceiver installation instructions will be provided with the products. Only one 900 MHz Transceiver is required for each ExeqControl panel providing support for up to four TS1s.

Pre-orders for the TS1 can be submitted immediately but must be submitted using a standalone purchase order including only the TS1s, TS1 kits and 900 MHz Transceivers. Orders of the TS1, TS1 kits and 900 MHz Transceivers cannot be included with other products until these new products are released and available for shipment. Pre-orders for the TS1 do not qualify for free shipping. Please submit purchase orders via email to  The TS1, TS1 kits and the 900 MHz Transceiver are expected to be available for shipment on October 28, 2011. The actual shipment date may be subject to change.